Saturday, September 28, 2013

We have a puller-uper

Cayden has been slow to many of his milestones. He wasn't one of those infants who ever liked to push his feet against your lap when you held him. He never wanted to stand. He would fold his little legs up to a sitting position if you tried to hold him up to stand. He was really laid back and was just happy sitting and watching his surroundings.

He couldn't go from laying to sitting until the week that he started crawling and he didn't crawl until 11 months. Now he's a crawling pro and all over the house. As of the 26th (the day he turned 14 months) he started pulling up. And he is now a pulling up pro! He is into everything! It's like an entire new world has opened up to him and now he can reach all of sissy's toys that she used to put out of his reach on the ottoman.

I have a feeling that he will go from pulling up to walking really quickly. Just this morning he was walking with me holding his hands. I'm sure his walking toys will be more fun for him now! (He used to push his walking toys on his knees.)

I grabbed a few pictures of the kids yesterday after work while they were sharing a snack of goldfish. He pulled up so fast to get to those goldfish!
 Eye on the prize:)
 That's better...
 Poor Coda now has to find a new retreat spot to get away from Cayden.

 Adalyn swims the fishies through the air into Cayden's mouth. He loves it!

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Lindsy said...

So cute. He'll be up and going before you know it I'm sure. Grey hasn't had goldfish yet - he's a crammer so I've got to be on the ready at all times because I'm terrified he's going to choke. Sweet big sister feeding him ;)