Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Bunny!

Last Saturday we dressed the kids up in their Easter outfits and took them to take a picture with the Easter bunny. The place where we go visit Santa had a fake and a real bunny that you could take pictures with so we did pictures with both.

Adalyn is a fan of anything dressed up in a costume. (I'm not sure how she is my child!) so she loved the bunny. Cayden on the other hand was not a fan. The guy taking the picture kept trying to get Cayden to smile. I told him that I'm calling it a success that he wasn't crying and to just go with it. It did not turn out very cute but of course you have to buy the picture for memory's sake. Cayden was more than happy to say "bye bye" to the Easter bunny after the picture. Adalyn didn't want her time with the bunny to end and kept trying to have it come see their pictures on the computer when we were reviewing them.
Next they took a picture with a real bunny. Last year Cayden cried the entire time with the real bunny. This year he loved the bunny. The lady told the kids they could pet the bunny and they were so sweet with it. I don't love the tacky background, but I love how precious my kids look!
I hope you all have a happy Easter. I am looking forward to celebrating our risen Savior with my husband, kids and parents this weekend. Enjoy your families and the memories you will make!


Janine said...

hilarious! Love that they are just chill with the fake and real bunnies. Mine would be clawing to get off the Easter bunny's lap and then clawing at the real bunny! And white bunnies eyes freak me red!

Party of Five said...

:) cute