Thursday, April 17, 2014

Egg Hunt 2014

Last Saturday morning our church held their annual Easter Egg Hunt! Each age group of kids was on a different ball field (thankfully we have a ton of property with soccer and baseball fields) so it was nice that big kids weren't trampling the little kids.

We had a beautiful day for an egg hunt. Perfect weather! Jonathan took Adalyn to the 3 year old field and I took Cayden to the 0-24 month old field and both kids had so much fun. Jonathan said that Adalyn didn't realize it was a competitive sport until some girl cut her off and then she realized it was on! Of course the 3 year olds cleared their field way faster than the babies cleared their field so they came to join us while Cayden was still searching for eggs. That boy LOVES eggs!  Here are some pictures from the hunt.
I love this bunny shirt I found a consignment sale!

Hold up. I have to flash back to last year and how big my baby girl has gotten. Where has the time gone? Yet, somehow she wore those same shoes this week! Our kids' feet grow slowly!
And in 2012 for her first egg hunt...
What other time can a little boy wear a shirt with a bunny on it? His shirt got lots of compliments. It was the perfect shirt for the event! (Another awesome hand-me-down!)

The church leaves the eggs empty and I love that! Between the two giant buckets that my kids gathered we would have had crazy amounts of candy. Instead they gave a little gift bag to each child. It had a stuffed bunny, a small bag of jelly beans with the meanings of the different colors and a foam craft to do at home with the real meaning of Easter. The kids loved it!

 After the hunt we had to get a photo-op with Eli and Emalyn. They were checking out all their eggs!

 Is it too much to ask for both kids to look at the camera and smile at the same time??
Ok. One more flashback. I can't believe how old both kid have gotten! Hold me! (Also, I'm so glad it was warmer this year!)
As we were walking back toward our car, we walked past our friends' backyard (they actually back up to the ball fields) and we decided to hang out and let the kids play together. There were 5 different families there and the kids were having the time of their lives. The adults had a great time talking while the kids were occupied!

We had such a fun festive day! Adalyn keeps asking if we're going to hide her eggs in our backyard so she can find them again! And Cayden keeps carrying his bucket of eggs all around the house. I'm so thankful for our church and our friends. Such fun memories made!


Janine said...

Super cute pics of all the kids together! And I LOVE Cayden's shirt!!! Happy Easter!

Party of Five said...

Fun times! They are both getting so big!