Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Weekend Fun!

We tried to pack in as much fun as possible last weekend! Friday the kids stayed home with my parents and were spoiled with lots of outside playtime and grandparent time! When I got home from work my mom wanted to teach me (for the 1,000th time since I'm not a good learner of anything in the kitchen) how to make a scratch pie crust and a peanut butter pie. (For the record it was amazingly delicious!) Adalyn absolutely loves to cook and bake with my mom in the kitchen so she jumped at the chance to make a pie!

I captured a few pictures that I thought were pretty special. (Just don't look at the background of my messy kitchen!)
 Adalyn LOVES helping in the kitchen!
 Listening and watching so intently.
 I love how Adalyn is watching her Nana in this picture.

 Special girl time!
On Saturday I boiled eggs while the guys transplanted a small tree in the yard. It's always so nice when my dad is around because Jonathan has an extra set of hands to help with house projects! I think I am going to love where "we" planted the new tree. I think it's a huge improvement. Of course, bad blogger that I am, I did not get before/after pictures of it! But the point is that the eggs got boiled and after nap time we colored eggs!

I loved these bunny ears barrettes that I found in Target's $1 section! She thought they were awesome!

 REALLY excited. Cayden insisted on his bib since he was in his high chair.

 I love getting to make these memories with my parents. I still have memories of coloring the eggs sitting at their table. It's kind of surreal to see them helping my kids color eggs.

I love Easter and all of the festivities and memory making activities that occur without the commercialized pressure of Christmas. Such a special time! Now that the kids are getting old enough to participate in activities and are starting to understand the meaning of this holiday it makes it extra special. What a wonderful way to celebrate our risen Lord.


Janine said...

sweet baking pictures! I love how kids are instantly interested in what happens in the kitchen. and those bunny ears are precious!! um, and my child wants his bib the minute he sits in his high chair too! Funny little piglets!

Party of Five said...

So cute!