Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunday Pictures

This weekend was absolutely beautiful! We had the perfect weather for all of the Easter festivities we had scheduled. (Those pictures will be later this week.) Sunday I was able to dress the kids in summer clothes and it made me so happy. I'm pretty sure they loved it too!

Before church both were smiling and looking at the camera. It is kind of like seeing a pink unicorn! Of course we topped of Cayden's outfit with a seersucker driving cap. My little man:) I have always loved dressing Adalyn all up but I never thought I'd enjoy dressing a little boy as much as I do!
After naps we went outside to play in the sunshine! Cayden was given a couple of new outdoor riding toy hand-me-downs and both of the kids enjoyed them!
 We don't have a swing set but thankfully we have the worlds best neighbors and they let us use their swing set. Cayden has always used a baby plastic swing on our back porch but he kept telling me he wanted to swing like sissy. (Story of his life! Anything she does he wants to do...) So I was uneasy at first but this boy was SERIOUS about swinging and every time I asked him if he was ready to be done, he would shake his head "no". He was so good about remembering to hold on. 
 Oh and he has gotten quite opinionated about his shoe choice and he never wants to take them off.  Sometimes taking shoes off inside ends with a certain 20 month old on the floor throwing a fit. I got a bunch of hand-me-down shoes out of storage yesterday and he found these sandals and insisted on them over the tennis shoes that I had chosen. I think I've figured that he always prefers shoes he doesn't have to wear socks with. It's funny how kids can be so opinionated at such a young age. Sometimes I don't give the kids a choice, but other times I think it's fun to let them have their way:)

Adalyn was in her element. She loves playing outside! I'm so thankful that she's in an in home daycare and is able to spend spring, summer, and fall playing outside all day every day! We were working on Adalyn learning how to pump her legs to swing herself! She was pretty proud of it. (Of course brother was repeating "straight, tuck, straight, tuck" and thinking he was doing it too.)
This is just the beginning of our outdoor fun this year! The kids are at such fun ages and I'm so excited to spend more family time together outside this summer. (Daddy was outside with us too...he was working on cleaning up fallen tree limbs from the winter ice storm. The kids were big helpers as you can only imagine...)


Janine said...

Jumping from Lindsy's snow-covered blog post to your sunshine post! I LOVE that everyone was able to get outside this weekend for some fun in the sun. We thoroughly enjoyed the weather down here too! And I agree, my 20 month old is way too opinionated already! And he is slightly obsessed with shoes. Keagan was, too, at that age. And actually, still is. As I type this we are arguing about which shoes to wear to school today. :)

Aishlea said...

Cutie pies!

Lindsy said...

Sweet pictures. Um...hopping from my snow covered blog post because I'm 2 months behind - bleh! Funny thing is - y'all actually have snow TODAY =(. Mine are super opinionated too but truth be told Mommy always trumps kiddies when it comes to clothes and shoes (call me ocd). Now when it comes to food choices, tv choices, etc - go for it! Not sure what that says about me ;). oh well... Love the pics - getting so big.