Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Easter!!

We were blessed to have my parents in town to spend Easter with us! We had a full weekend of activities! (Posts coming soon.) Our Easter Sunday started with church then pictures (not everyone was thrilled with pictures...surprise surprise), opening baskets while lunch baked, lunch, naps (for ALL of us) and then an egg hunt in the front yard!

We attend a church that we love and we had an amazing Easter message! Afterwards we came home and attempted some family pictures. (We tried to take a few pictures before church too.) Of course none of them turned out perfectly. But we got a few cute pics. (The sun was a bit harsh but I'm not complaining because I don't remember a more beautiful Easter!)
 Adalyn was pretty proud of her "princess" gloves that matched her dress. Can you tell?

After doing outside pictures we took the kids inside to try to get a couple sibling pictures since they wouldn't stand still outside. We were bribing them with their Easter baskets:)

After lunch and naps, Jonathan "hid" eggs in the front yard. I was going to put a jelly bean in each egg but I got lazy so he just hid empty eggs. My kids don't know the difference. Every hunt they've done has been with empty eggs. Better off for me. My kids are crazy when they are hyped up on candy!

 Posing for a picture to show me their eggs.
 This cracks me up! While Adalyn was showing me her egg, Cayden decided to help himself to her basket.
 And Adalyn's reaction. Priceless.
We had a wonderful Easter and had lots of fun family memories made!


Janine said...

so many thoughts!
a) you all matchy match so well with each other! I am impressed. :) I actually FORGOT to get the boys Easter outfits this year. It snuck up on me and then it was too late to order anything (there isn't anywhere around here for last-minute shopping).
b) what is it with no one liking Easter pics? my family is the same way! It's important to us Mommas, people! Grin and bear it!
c) You should fill those eggs to the brim with candy! It is priceless watching their innocent faces learn what those eggs conceal! And that's just part of Easter: letting your kids go ape on candy and bounce off the walls! You'd be in good company! :)
d) Cayden's sneaky stealing of eggs is hilarious...and so is Adalyn's expression when she realized it! Love siblings.
e) almost forgot: LOVE the gloves! Super sweet...add in an Easter bonnet next year!!

Love it all!

Party of Five said...

So fun and I love their Easter outfits!! Mom and dad are looking sharp too! :)