Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Weekend and Big Mable

I'm sitting in our garage keeping my hubby company as he assembles a new garage shelving unit. We bought two and tonight he decided he needed to put one together. Of course the directions are practically in a foreign language, but luckily J is smart so it actually looks like a shelf! Yay! Now we can start organizing the stuff in the garage...while I sit on the laptop! haha :)

This weekend Jonathan golfed with my dad in a golf scramble for my old high school, so we traveled up to Toledo (with Dakota of course) for the weekend.

My mom and I occupied ourselves during the day on Saturday by going to my Aunt and Uncle's pool (can you tell I had issues again with sunscreen on my arms??), going to Lily's Warehouse sale, and the mall (that will have to be another whole post about my fun cheap stuff I got a Charlotte Russe and For Love 21! I hate the feel of cheap fabric, but sometimes I can get over it if it's something that's just for fun!). The golf scramble had a steak dinner included, so my mom and I got to go out to dinner at the Cloughan Pub...yum...their fish and chips are amazing! My mouth is watering! We all met up Saturday night to celebrate my birthday since my parents won't be able to see me on the actual day:)
Sunday we got up and went to an early service for church. We visited a new more contemporary church than my parent's normal church and j and I really enjoyed it! I do have to say that we really do take our wonderful church here in Lexington for granted! I can't imagine moving away and ever finding a church that's even comparable.

Anyway, we went to an early service so that we could get out on the boat! My aunt and uncle have a house on the Maumee River (which is a little murky but we just looked past that), so my twin cousins took us out on the boat for a ride. I was really excited because they have a ton of water sports and just recently bought a parasail and I really wanted to ride it. Unfortunately once we got out on the water, it was windy and they didn't feel like it would be safe to go up in the air. Oh well. Next time. Even though we didn't parasail, we did get to go on Big Mable! Yes, that's the name that is on the side of it! LOL! J and I went out and the guys did a good job of trying to throw us off...but we stayed on! Then my parents decided that they needed to be able to tell my mom's sister and brother-in-law that they had conquered Big Mable...although the boys did slow the boat a little for them:) But they did great! We were laughing so hard seeing them out there like kids:) Way to go mom and dad!

But all good things must come to an end...unfortunately. We had to get on the road for our 5 hour trip back, so we went for one more ride and the boys just pulled us back to the dock. I feel old because I am soooo sore today. It's been a while since I've done any water sports and boy can I tell. I can't imagine if I had tried to ski!! That just would have been bad...I think I really would have called in sick today:)

I could spend every weekend on a boat. It has to be the most relaxing way to spend a summer...anyone want to go in with us to buy a lake house and boat?? Any takers?? No? Everyone's poor? Crap! :)

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Michelle Plymire said...

HA! Girl you are too funny :) I want a boat too though, I feel your pain! Looks like a fun weekend though :)