Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Cookies!!

This past Saturday Jonathan and I drove up to Cincinnati to my brother and sister-in-law's house. My parents were in town visiting them and we had planned on getting together to make Christmas cookies. I'm not much of a baker (I'm good at keeping track of the timer!) but my mom is and it brings back wonderful Christmas memories!

We made 3 of my mom's cookie recipes! First, we made 3 batches of iced cookies. Yes, I said 3 BATCHES! It turned out to be over 140 cookies! I iced a few, but my dad mostly took care of icing the cookies and then my sister-in-law decorated them. She's always all about making them extra pretty! We like a lot of icing in our family! Soo good! Here are a couple pictures of the finished cookies while they were drying.
We were exhausted by the time we finished making those so we almost didn't make the other two types of cookies...but then we sucked it up and started another recipe! We made sugar cookies covered in green and red sprinkles, and also lime jello pressed cookies. (I wish I had pics of both of those kinds, but I don't. Sorry!) Now I have 4 Rubbermaid containers of cookies in my kitchen. Talk about temping!

Monday I ran 3 miles and I told Jonathan it was so that I could eat cookies without feeling guilty. Too bad I decided not to run tonight because of the 40mph wind and bitter cold! I just wasn't feeling up for it. Don't worry. I'll still eat a cookie or two...I'll just feel guilty:) No wonder people gain weight over the holidays!

And just because I think this is so cute, I have to show you all! We were attempting to pose Dakota for a picture for our Christmas card. We always hold him in our Christmas picture, but we took our picture at my brother's house so Dakota wasn't with us. We thought he should be on our card too though! This isn't the picture we ended up using, but seriously...isn't he the cutest little furball you've ever seen in a santa suit?


Janine said...

Pretty cute Dakota!!!!! And Yummy cookies too! :)

Justin and Jessica said...

How fun to have your family together to make cookies! They look great! :)

Love the picture of Dakota - very cute!

Chelsea said...

You don't bake but you're good at watching the timer?? Well I bake and I'm awful at remembering to even set a timer. We should join forces. We could take over the world!

Lindsy said...

I wanna squeeze Dakota!

Sue said...

Dakota looks adorable in his Santa suit. He even has a furry little beard like Santa... although not as long ;-)

That is one honking bunch of cookies - no wonder you ladies were tired. They look delish though - YUM!!

Don't feel guilty - you deserve to splurge at Christmas ;-)