Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where are the decorations?

So do you all remember when I said I had more decorating to do? That the tree in my kitchen needed to be decorated??


I went to Target, Pier 1, and Hobby Lobby and lets just say I'm disappointed! I am so sick of stores rushing away the current holiday! I mean the Christmas stuff was up before Halloween and now that it's Christmas, all of the spring stuff is already taking over. I mean seriously! I found some cute stuff at Pier 1, but the prices weren't what I was willing to pay. (I'll wait till they go on sale and have them for next year.)

Did you know that Target has replaced the entire area where the winter coats were to bathing suits?? I mean, come on! No wonder I can never find a bathing suit when summer rolls around! I am not psychologically ready to go bathing suit shopping in December! Nor do I have somewhere to wear a bathing suit now! Target's Christmas section seems to be way smaller than normal!!

I went to Hobby Lobby after work on Friday and was sorely disappointed to find a bunch of employees moving all of the Christmas stuff to a smaller section. Yes, they were already putting up the spring stuff! So I walked the aisles and couldn't find anything I came in for. I asked a girl where I could find clear ornament balls (so I could make Kelly's cute ornaments) and she said they were all out. Then I asked where the mesh decorating stuff was and they were out of that too! I wanted to yell and say that we still have 2 weeks left till Christmas!!

I always thought that I was early by putting my tree up the day after Thanksgiving (which I found this year on blogs that I'm not and that lots of people do it before Thanksgiving). Before Thanksgiving I'm in a mood to buy harvest stuff not Christmas stuff! I know some of my friends that are just now putting their trees up. Where are they supposed to find decorations if the shelves are bare? I mean, one of my friends had to go on a hunt over Lexington just to find white Christmas lights!

I just had to get this off my chest and say for the record that I wish that we could enjoy the current season/holiday in the retail world!

Here is a pic of my very sad little tree that needs decorations! I had a specific idea of what I wanted it to look like, but I've given up on finding the decorative mesh and I might have to settle on something at Target. Something is better than nothing right?

It's like a sad little Charlie Brown tree! It needs help!! And fast!!

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Sue said...

Awww Abby... you need to come up to Canada - we still have lots of decorations (at least they did before I left). I haven't seen any Spring decorations yet here in California either. There are TONS of decorations here and most on big time sale! Too bad I couldn't squeeze more into my suitcases to take home ;-)

Hope you find something... somewhere!