Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sales and Deals

So if you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, or if you know me well, you know that I LOVE a good sale! I don't buy anything without it being on sale or having a coupon.

Yesterday Billie and I went shopping for our hubbies and we ended up buying a couple things for ourselves:) hehe. I NEEDED boots (and when I say that I needed boots I mean that the ones I have were purchased back in 2001 and are so totally outdated that I don't ever wear them) and Billie needed some flat shoes so after a very full day of shopping and finding some great stuff for our hubbies, all while Billie was wearing Eli (he was perfect by the way...not even a peep out of him all day...he's going to be a good little shopper!) we headed over to Off Broadway shoes to shop for ourselves!

To say that I am ecstatic is an understatement. I am SO picky about shoes and boots are so expensive that they have to have a perfect toe, perfect heal, and perfect price for me to buy them. I couldn't find anything in the boot aisle, so we walked on back to the clearance racks at the back and sure enough I found 2 (TWO!!) pairs of boots on sale!! Wha??? Here are some pics and stats:

These are Michael Shannon shoes. Originally $120. Off Broadway price $89.90. They were 60% off (35.96) and since they were on clearance, all clearance was an additional 10% off. So the final price was $32.36!! They are a bit more pointy and spikey than I was looking for but I LOVE them! They are HOT!

These are Steve Madden shoes. (I love him!) Originally $99.00. Off Broadway price $69.90. They were 60% off (27.96) and also 10% off. So the final price was $25.16! Seriously, who buys boots for $25?? You can't even get the fake leather ones at Target for that!! I've never been a fan of the bootie style, but when I put them on my feet I was in love. They are soo cute with jeans and I think they will look hot with my sweater dress and tights that I'm wearing to The Nutcracker tomorrow! I wore them out today and they were soo comfy. I have a feeling they will be my favorite shoes!

Today I went to the Loft and all full priced items in the store were 40% off!! Wow! So, I grabbed a scarf that was $34.50 and thought that 40% off would be a perfect deal. Well...the girl rang it up and said that it was actually on Final Sale (not returnable) but they hadn't put the sticker on it yet, so it was only $4.88! WHAT?? Can I really be this lucky? The girl kinda laughed at me and asked if I wanted the other one that was on final sale too. I of course said YESYESYES! Then I went back to the scarves, picked out a full priced scarf (so I could get 40% off) for the person I was originally buying for. I of course am keeping one of the $4.88 scarves, but since they are both the same color, I have another one to give away. I have multiple females in my family I could give it to as a Christmas or birthday present. I wish I could give it to everyone. It's just soo cute and I can't get over that it was $30 off!!!!
I am aware that this is a horrible picture...that's just how much I love you all. I wanted you to see this beautiful $4 scarf!!

So that's all for now... I may be going back to the Loft to get another 40% off can't go wrong with giving someone a scarf!

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Crystal said...

I love the boots and the brown ones will look very HOT with tights and a sweater dress :)!!!!