Monday, December 14, 2009

Outside Lights

I'll try to stay more positive than I was in my last post! Sometimes I just have to vent! :) I guess I was about a week early for the Nester's tour of Christmas! Oops! It's my first Christmas with a blog, so now I know for next year!! :) I got some great ideas for decorating from the other blogs though! Not that I could ever get through 500+ blogs!!

I went outside (we wont talk about the fact that I was in pj bottoms, a t-shirt and slippers. Hey! It was dark out!) and took pictures of the outside lights tonight! Jonathan surprised me one day and put them all up while I was out shopping! What a good husband! He even has to get up on the extension ladder to reach the peak of the garage and I wasn't there to hold the ladder!

I love the look of the white lights! A couple years ago we got a lighted circle tree and last year it died, so we found this little tree at Garden Ridge on the day after Thanksgiving and got it. (Too bad I found one two days later at Kroger that I liked better with more lights.) I really like the look of the tree since our bushes died and it's a bit bare in the front of our house. The little tree on the front porch matches the picture of the tree in my kitchen that I posted yesterday. It was a set of two, but we don't have room for two outside. I love this little tree. It was a great investment our first Christmas together. The urn it's in is soo heavy so I never have to worry about it during storms.


Sue said...

I like your outdoor lights - very pretty. That little lighted tree in front of the windows is really cool. I always think all white lights are so elegant ;-)

What a sweet guy J was to surprise you with the lights! We haven't got any on yet ... poor Doug hasn't been home long enough :-(

Crystal said...

Hi :) I found your blog tonight on Jenna's Journey! Your Chrismas lights are so cute!

Crystal said...

Yes I usually keep my snowmen out until the end of January or so. Unless they look really Christmasish then I put them up!

Anonymous said...

Your house lights look great. That is the type of tree we had that no longer lights. Surely there would be none left:(. So I thought you'd blog your flowers. Eager for next week! Love you.