Friday, December 18, 2009

More Christmas Decorations

Yesterday Jonathan and I spent ALL day shopping for Christmas presents! Every year we take a day off work to try to beat the weekend crowds. We get all of our shopping done in one day and then come home and wrap all of the gifts. We were exhausted when we dropped in bed last night but we got so much done!

Here's a look at a few of our presents. I wasn't happy with the wrapping paper selection this year, but I think they ended up looking pretty cute. I like using actual ribbons and/or raffia for wrapping because I think they look prettier:) (Do you see that silver "B"? I got it yesterday at Kohl's for 65% off and I LOVE it! I have 5 different "B's" on the tree!)
Here is my redecorated tree from this post. What do you think? I went wild and crazy and did fun bright colors. I love it. It's in my kitchen and I just think it's so bright and fun! (And that box had a ding in the side so they gave it to me for $1!!)
And here are a few other decorations that I've found here and there on sales at some different stores. Can you tell I like reindeer? (Coda's posing in this one!) I see that some people decorate their dining room table with china and fancy center pieces to make it all pretty, but we use our table daily so that is just not practical for us! Maybe one day when we have a separate dining room.

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Crystal said...

Oh my goodness I love snowman stuff! Where did the last one come from? Your other decorations are just beautiful!