Sunday, January 17, 2010


Yesterday, Jonathan and I had a mini-getaway. I was so excited and I couldn't blog about it ahead of time. Why? you ask. Because our mini-getaway was for my sister-in-law, Leslie's surprise 40th birthday party and she couldn't know we were coming to town! My brother planned this HUGE party for her at Molly Malone's Pub in Covington, KY (pretty much downtown Cincinnati). He rented out the second floor of the pub and the place was full of people! Not many of whom we knew, which was kinda weird. Jonathan and I knew my parents and Leslie's sister and mom... and that was it! But it was a good time. Jonathan and I were obviously the youngest in the room (by a long shot since I'm so much younger than my brother) and we laughed about the fact that A) we never go to bars/pubs B) when we have been in those situations we always feel OLD! and C) this was the first time in a long time that we felt young at a bar! HA!

Jonathan decided that since we were going to have a night out on the town that we would just get a hotel room and make a weekend get-away out of it! He found this nice hotel just minutes from the pub. When we walked in the room I couldn't believe it! He surprised me with a giant suite with a sitting room and a jacuzzi tub!!! Whoohoo! How romantic is he? Here are some pics of the room:
We went out to dinner with my parents and then to the pub! Here are some pics of the party. Leslie really was surprised! It was cute! It was funny when she started seeing people who had come from out of town and how excited she got!
Walking in (I know it's dark but her expression is priceless!)
My parents
Jonathan and I! (and my ruffle shirt that I got at Limited for $55 marked down to $15!)
My mom and me. Can you see the resemblance?
My sister-in-law's mom and sister
Leslie - The Birthday Girl! You wouldn't guess she's 40 would you?
My brother had also planned a surprise party for my niece's birthday (which was last week) while we were all in town. So we had a fun afternoon hanging out with the family today!

All in all, we had a wonderful weekend and I'm soo not ready for Monday to roll around!


Lindsy said...

Cute pictures. Go J with the suite - awesome! Pics of your parents makes me miss them - they are so stinkin' sweet. Glad y'all had fun. We had fun with Dakota while you were away.

Janine said...

WOW about the hotel room!! Dddddang. :) Good Job! Glad y'all had fun :)