Thursday, January 21, 2010

Now I understand the hype

I'm not sure why I haven't shared this with the world wide web already... but... we got iPhones! Let's just say that I was extremely attached to my crackberry. Anyone who knows me knows that it was by my side at all times. It was good to me (except when it would wig out and I'd have to take the battery out and put it back in to reset the phone). I was also about as proficient typing on it as I am typing on my computer keyboard. And boy did I love that little flashing light reminding me I had a message or email...
I had always looked at people with iPhones and thought that yeah, they look cool, but I like my blackberry. Well, then apple came out with the newer iPhone version and Jonathan said that when our plan was up for renewal we were going to get them. I was excited. Who's not excited for a new toy? But I was also already in mourning for my blackberry.

So the week after Christmas we were out returning Christmas items and I was totally oblivious until Jonathan parked in front of the AT&T store! "OH! you mean, you want to get them now?!?" I could tell he was excited but I was less than enthused. The man asked for my beloved blackberry so that he could transfer my contacts (which of course only transferred phone numbers so I had to transfer all other info ie. addresses, emails, birthdays). When I handed it to him, he pretty much had to pry my fingers off of my phone. Less than 5 minutes later he presented me with my new white iPhone. I had never even really played around on one so while the man was switching Jonathan's phone and they were in a deep conversation about phone stuff that I could care less about, I started pushing buttons... or should I say touching buttons.

And then it the time we walked out of the store, I was hooked on my new iPhone. The entire way home I was like, Oh, and it does this and this and this and poor Jonathan was trying to see all the fun stuff I was doing while he was still trying to drive safely. I totally thought I would hate the keyboard, but you know what? I might not be as fast, but it's really not as bad as I had pictured. And my phone really does do some pretty awesome stuff! I feel like the world is at my fingertips! I love that it automatically connects to wifi! So much faster than Edge!

Now I can track my weight loss, find a restaurant in the area, find a recipe, make my grocery list, keep track of my membership cards, order movie tickets, play interactive scrabble, play an iPhone version of guitar hero (totally addicting btw), listen to Air1 or Pandora, check the weather, google reader, facebook and twitter, take pictures and videos and guess what... It EVEN has a PHONE!

What can I say, I'm in love? What else could explain an entire post about my new phone??!!??

{We're too cheep to pay for apps so all of those described in this post were FREE!}


Katie Kermeen Swisher said...

I'm just hanging on until July when I can upgrade...I'm ready for my iPhone now!!!

Sue said...

Too cute! I have an old boring flip phone because I'm too cheap for an iPhone, but I'm loving my iTouch so who knows... an iPhone may be in my future ;-)

Enjoy your new toy! Share more of your fav applications too... I'd like to know what you're enjoying. I downloaded a Bible one so I can keep up with my reading while at work.

Did you get your package yet? Hugs

Crystal said...

My husband is dying to get the iPhone but we have Sprint and how plan doesn't end until the fall! He is wanting to cancel our plan but I haven't caved yet! They are really addicting, I play with my friends phones all the time!

A little of this, a little of that said...

Welcome to the other side! Be prepared to be an addict! I have had my iphone for a year now and I am still an Iphone addict! It is sooooo amazing and I learn something new everyday! Congrats!