Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter Decorations

We still have yet to get any snow accumulation, but I still feel the need to decorate for winter:). We took down all of the Christmas decorations on New Year's day and it felt so good to get things back to normal! I only have a couple of winter decorations, but I thought I'd share them. I love decorating with snowmen. (again...wish we had some snow! We've had flurries and a bit on the ground but never enough to shovel or cover the grass. I keep hoping...)

This tree is at the front door. I got it from Lily's Warehouse sale this summer when I was visiting my mom. (She of course had to get one too because the price was so good! $10 I think.) We thought they would be cute Christmas decorations or just whenever decorations. I think the red berries look "wintry".
This kind of looks like the picture that I posted at Christmas, but I took down the Christmas tree, so this pic just has the pine tree and snowman. I just love both of these decorations. (Do you love the empty picture frame on the wall in the background? Lovely...almost 4 years living here and the frames are still empty!)
This is my entryway table. I'm really bad about switching things up once I get stuff how I like it. So I've never really decorated this table. (I usually have 3 pillar candles on the left of the table and that's all). But I got inspired and I think it turned out cute. I had the snowman out (in a different location) for Christmas. The plate was a Christmas present from Billie! I just LOVE it! I have been wanting one of these plates for forever! She knows me so well:) Now I just need to learn how to write more artistically on it! The tree is from the After-Christmas sale at Lily's (do I shop there too much? ha) that I went to last weekend with my mom. It was only $16 and it is so unique (just like all of their stuff). It's all wires, so you can bend the branches how you'd like and the tree sits in a rock. Just so cool. I wish it showed up a little bit better against our brown walls, but I still think it's cute! And of course my new Wood Wick candle:) I've never had one before and this smelled so fresh that I just had to get it. I just love the crackling sound!
I also still have the snowman in the guest bathroom. I already posted a pic of that, so I'm not going to post it again. I think that a few touches here and there are just so fun! The problem is that I have all these snowmen and NO SNOW outside! Did I mention that? I mean, when it is this cold out, you might as well have snow to make things pretty!

We had a great weekend and are not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow! After a week off for Jonathan and 3 short weeks for me it's going to be hard to get back in the swing of things! Along with getting back in the swing of work, Billie and I are starting our 12 week training program for our half marathon starting this week! Oh my! Hopefully I'll have energy to blog this week because I'm getting tired just thinking about it:) Lets just say I have a whole lot of cookies, sweets, and food to run off!


Crystal said...

Very cute decorations!

Sue said...

You want snow? Come on up! We're getting snow as I type ;-) My poor brother & his family went across the border to the Buffalo football game today and it was really snowing there - Brrr.

Your decorations look great. Your new plate... can you whip off the writing and write whatever you like on it? It's very pretty with the fluted edges. Is that a real ribbon laced through?

I'm feeling the exact same way about tomorrow too. I'll be thinking of you as I drag myself back to real life again too ;-) Have a great night!