Saturday, January 9, 2010

Running in the snow and other stuff

I think Billie and I are crazy and I'm sure you do too. We met this morning in 19 degree weather with about 3 inches of snow on the ground to put in 4 miles! We are doing the Hal Higdon 12 week training program and we only have those 12 weeks before the half marathon (aka no room for skipping days). Well, I did skip my 3 mile run on Thursday because I don't have a gym membership and running outside I think would have been dangerous. Today we met at our church since we figured that the parking lot would be plowed unlike some other streets. Our church is big...and when I say big, I mean that 2 laps around the entire parking lot is 3 miles! (Which is pretty awesome that I can run there after work in the evenings before I go home, so it's still light out and safe.) Today Billie and I decided to run through a few streets around the church so we wouldn't just be running in circles. And for how cold it was, I think we did pretty well! Go us! Every Saturday we do our "long runs" together and we add a mile each week! I just hope we don't have these extreme temps again next week:)

After our run, Jonathan and I needed to run some errands. We dropped my engagement ring off at the jewelers because one of the prongs kept snagging all of my clothes and driving me crazy! When we picked it back up two hours later they had re-rhodiumed it and it looked brand new. The problem was that when I put it on, my band looked yellow, so they rhodiumed the band while I waited and now my rings are so beautiful! I feel like a newly-wed again:) I can't stop staring at the sparkly:) hehe.

We ran to Target so I could buy my first pair of leggings (since the 1980's) and of course they were on sale and did not have a SINGLE color or size! The entire display was empty! But all was not lost, we eyed some snuggies. We've always made fun of them, but with these cold temps, we said what the heck and bought a blue and a pink one! So right now we're sitting on the couch, Jonathan watching the UK game in his UK blue snuggie and me blogging in my pink one. And so far I'm loving it because i can stay warm while I type on the computer:) I totally recommend them to bloggers:)

Well, that's been our day so far. I'm working on a post about some great deals on jewelry I got after Christmas and maybe even a give-away!!! So be on the look-out! :) Have a great weekend!

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