Thursday, January 7, 2010


After all of my whining and's SNOWING!!! I'm so thankful for a job I LOVE and I just have to say that I'm also thankful that when the city schools are on delay or out due to snow, we don't come in until 10:30!!! WHOOHOO! This morning it wasn't even really snowing yet, but we still got to go in late! The "blizzard" (I say that facetiously because people here don't know what a blizzard is!) was expected to start in the afternoon. So roads were starting to get bad so we were told at 3:30 we could go home! Whoohoo!
When I got home I let Dakota run around in the snow. He was so cute. He didn't stop long enough for me to get a good picture. Then when we got inside his whole little body was shaking from being cold. So cute.
My 1/2 marathon training was going well this week. 3 miles on Tuesday and 2 miles on Wednesday. Today was supposed to be 3 miles but this is what it looks like out my front door. I think there's just too much snow for running! It's slippery!
When Jonathan got home he broke in our new shovel. Yes, we have lived here 4 years and just bought a shovel this winter! Don't judge.
I'm excited to see how much snow we get!! I just love snow. I grew up with lots of snow in the winter so whenever we get a bit of snow here, it brings back fun memories of sledding and building snowmen and skiing! I get frustrated living in the "south" because we do get snow each winter, but the city is never prepared with enough plows and salt trucks. So 3 inches will shut down the city! It's frustrating for a "northern" girl who knows how to drive in the snow!

Dakota is watching for more snow to fall so he can sleep in with mommy tomorrow!


Lindsy said...

Dakota is cute in the snow. Kirby was running all around in it chest deep on his front paws as if there was a mouth hiding underneath - so funny! Good for you to have some time off and I hear you with the running - looks like I will be doing yet another video tonight. Bleh!

Jess :) said...

Love it!! As you saw earlier...I think we have y'all beat in the SNOW department! :) I must say, Dakota looks just adorable playing in the snow.

And can I just say...I love your "Let it Snow" plate! As in...where did you get it because I really want one? :) :)

Well, glad you chose to stay IN and NOT go running. I wouldn't want you getting hurt and I don't really think that the weather conditions would've allowed for a very safe run.

Have a great night and maybe we'll BOTH be home tomorrow!

Crystal said...

Your little dog is too cute! I wish we would get some snow! They are calling for some late tonight, so we shall see :)

Sue said...

I can't get over how much snow everyone south of the border is getting this winter and we barely have any. Nuts!

Enjoy your lazy morning tomorrow ;-) We are expecting some snow overnight so I'll have to drive to work in slushy, yucky weather. Blech!

LOVE the pic of Dakota at the door. What a cutie!