Friday, March 5, 2010

Hello San Antonio!

Today I'm taking a bit of a break from sight-seeing.  I woke up early (thanks to the incredibly uncomfortable bed) went down to breakfast and made myself a waffle at the continental breakfast.  Of course the waffle was in the shape of Texas!  I have learned that everything in Texas is in the shape of Texas! :)

I took some time to just relax today and catch up on blogs and morning shows.  I think I'll go down to the gym and hope that one of the two treadmills is empty. (Billie might hate me if I don't keep up with my training while I'm here.)  I'm not a fan of running on treadmills, but what can I do?

I thought I'd post a few pics of our trip so far.

I love sitting next to the window in airplanes. When the plane takes off, I love the amusement ride feeling.  Then when we go through the clouds and then ride above them, it's just a really awesome feeling.  I always feel like I'm closer to God because I feel like I can see things from his eyes.  Some of our "big" issues in our lives that we blow out of proportion really are "small" in the big picture.  Makes me get my priorities straight.  And I can never get over how fields are all perfectly square!  How do farmers do it?
I spent the afternoon yesterday browsing shops and walking the Riverwalk.  It's absolutely beautiful and the sunshine and almost 70 degree day was perfect!  I ate at the most amazing Mexican place right on the water.  YUM!!
All of the ducks that swim down the river come and wait for chips to drop.  This little guy was eating chips out of my hand.  {If you have known me since childhood, you would know that the only pet I ever had (due to allergies) was every other year I was allowed to get a baby duck from my Aunt's kindergarten class.  I would raise the duck until its feathers came in and then it would go to live on a farm.  I just love ducks so it made my day that these little guys weren't afraid to come say hi!}

This was one place that I sat to watch the beautiful scenery.  See the ducks?  There were even baby ducks.  Too cute!

Jonathan and I decided to go on a tour of the River which was soo much fun!  Then we went to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner.  We had never eaten there and thought it would be fun!
Can you tell on my face that I was worried that this one was going to "come alive" while I was taking the picture?
Today is Jonathan's last day in his conference so we'll take tomorrow and do the touristy stuff:)  I hope you all have had a wonderful week!


Sue said...

I feel a kindred spirit with you Abby on the airplane ride stuff. I LOVE the window seats... unfortunately, Doug likes the aisle so it's always interesting when we book ;-)

Glad you got to experience the Rain Forest Cafe. It's pretty fun there. Hope you and Jonathan had fun sight-seeing today! Can't wait to hear more about what ya'll saw ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Abby! I just wanted to stop by and say that I got your book in Chelsea's book swap and I'm really excited to read it! Also, I love your notepaper =)

A couple of months after I moved to Texas (I live in Austin), my mom came to visit and we took an overnight trip. The hotel we stayed in had Texas shaped waffles and I was SO excited! I still sort of want to buy a Texas shaped waffle maker for myself, even though I never make waffles.

Also, I totally feel the same way on planes - looking down at the world from that height definitely puts things in a different perspective.