Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Week 8

So today is the beginning of week 8 for my little peanut.  I want to cherish and love every second of this pregnancy.  I have dremt and prayed for this for so long that I'm going to enjoy everything. Ahem... well other than this constant nausea and food aversions!!  I can handle the food aversions.  I get hungry but nothing sounds good and thinking of certain foods makes me want to hurl.  But, I can get through that.  It is the nausea that I have issues with.  I thought it was getting under control by only flaring up in the evenings after dinner, but I was proven so wrong today.  I woke up and felt funny for the first time in the morning.  So I ate a few saltines.  Then I got ready and was driving to work when "it" hit!  Oh my goodness.  I was picturing myself pulling over to the side of the road so I grabbed the sleeve of saltines that I had in my purse (to take to work of course.  I don't always have a sleeve of saltines in my purse!) and ripped that sucker open!  Do you know how hard it is to open crackers while on a highway driving?  Hard!  Thankfully I ate those until I got to my work parking lot and they helped a lot. 

My doctor has given me a prescription for these amazing little pills that take away the nausea (with some other unfortunate side effects) and in the evenings when I start to feel queasy I take one and poof the nausea is gone!  The problem?  They cause drowsiness... I can't justify taking one on my way TO work.  I will never get through the day!

I had to run a work errand, so I stopped at the grocery store and grabbed another box of saltines to keep in my office and some instant ramen because my tummy seems to like the mildness of it.  Pair that with water and preggie pop drops and I'm alive!

Let's just hope this passes soon...I only have 5 more weeks of it right?? right??  But even when I feel like death warmed over and I can barely keep my eyelids open because I'm so fatigued, I'm thankful.  I'm thankful for these awful side effects because it means that there is a baby growing!!

We're going to start taking belly pictures today.  I haven't decided what shirt to wear.  I'd like to wear something that I can wear in every picture from now till the baby comes so I can make a cute picture collage.  And I haven't decided when I will start posting them on here.  I'll probably wait a few weeks until something other than chubby is showing:)


Katie Kermeen Swisher said...

YAY! I'm about a week behind you, and am just starting to get some nausea. My lack of nausea worries me, because some people say that lots of nausea = healthy baby. But then I remember that my mom and sister and aunts never had any sickness at all, and all their babies were just fine! I worry too much.

Saltines saved my life last summer. I kept them next to my bed, and would eat them right when the alarm went off!

As for the belly pics, a friend of mine wore a long camisole for hers. It was minimal enough that you could see the belly, and long enough that she could wear it through the whole pregnancy. Looking forward to seeing your baby bump!

Murdock's mama said...

I cannot wait to follow you through the pregnancy! I pray for you every day!

Chelsea said...

So sorry about your nausea. I only had it at night... just a few times during the day. I took the pill even though it made me tired. I figured, "Hey, I'm already ridiculously tired... what difference does it make? At least I won't feel sick!"

I honestly don't think I'm as tired as I was at the beginning. Either that or I've gotten used to it!

Ramen and mac & cheese were my go-to dinners. :)

Keep the updates coming!

Sue said...

I have big huge tears in my eyes reading your post... Tears of sheer joy for you Sweetie! I love your embracing the morning sickness... I always thought I'd do the same thing if I got the opportunity. Never fear getting bigger... you're makin' a baby!! ;-) Big hugs xoxo

Anonymous said...

I just came across your cute blog thru kaz and amy our journey together!!! I LOVE your blog!! And congrats on week 8!!! I'm now a new follower and cant wait to read more of your journey!! Please feel free to head over to my blog and check it out!! I love new followers!!:)

Anonymous said...

Also I wanted to say the nausea should pass soon! I was only sick to my stomach the first few weeks.....and I was nauseated all day and night!! and slatines and sprite was all I could hold down.....They gave me the pill phinergin however you spell it.haha...and I couldnt take it bc I was allergic to it!ugh! But you should start feeling better soon!

Heather said...

I can't wait to see belly pictures!! I don't think I read the post where you announced you are pregnant, forgive me friend!! Congrats!!!!!