Friday, March 26, 2010

Signed Papers!

Along with all of the baby craziness that has been going on in our home, we have had the house craziness in full force!  We found out two days ago that the buyers of our house wanted to go ahead and sign papers to close the deal.  They are allowing us to stay in the house until we can close on the house we are buying (for a daily fee of course).  We jumped at the chance to sign papers!  In the back of my mind I just kept thinking about the buyers and what if they backed out and then we couldn't get the house that we are buying, etc.  So today we went and signed the deed over to the new owners!!  They were really cute and really excited to buy their first home.  It made me feel good that they said they love the colors and decorating and are so excited to live in our little house!

Now we are mortgage-less...for a week!  We are hoping to close on our new house next Friday, but we don't know when we will actually take possession of the house.  I'll just be happy that all the papers are signed and the deal is closed!  Hopefully the people we are buying from won't need to be in the house for too long after our closing date!  I just can't wait to get the keys and start painting and updating fixtures!  Oh yeah...and unpacking. bleh!

This is a crazy season in our lives, but I wouldn't have it any other way!!


Crystal said...

I can't wait to see pictures of your new house!!!

Kaz and Amy said...

Hey- You won the camera case giveaway! Email me your address:)

Sue said...

Okay... so now I can tell you this Abby. When you told us your house sold in less than 3 weeks... I got this "gut" feeling that a baby was on the way. Funny how God works like that. Hee hee.

Can't wait to hear about your new house (or did I miss that news in an earlier post?)

Big hugs xo

Kelly said...

Wow, lots of chaos! Congrats on the upcoming baby and your house! Can't wait to see pictures! Remember to breathe! :)