Thursday, September 16, 2010

32 Weeks

I'm a few days late posting my belly picture, but really what's new:)  Tuesday marked the end of my 32nd week!  I can't believe I have less than 8 weeks left (hopefully) until I see my baby girl!!  It's getting so exciting to see things start to come together!  I finished making the curtains for the nursery and with those and the chandelier hanging; it's starting to look so cute! (Pictures to come later.)  The last piece of nursery furniture came in on Saturday!  The store we ordered the nursery furniture from had the crib and changing table/dresser combo in stock so we only had to order the chest.  It's finally in, so we are supposed to go pick it up today! Unfortunately they don't deliver so I had to find a friend with a truck willing to help us and yes, it is raining today.  I'm praying it's not raining this afternoon!!

Here is my 32 week picture.  I can definitely tell that my belly is getting bigger!  It seems to be in the way all the time now! :)

Coda wanted in a picture too:)  He wants me to remember that he's still my baby!

According to What to Expect, Adalyn is about 19 in and 4.5 lbs (the size of a Honeydew).  She should now be opening her eyes when she is awake and closing them when she is asleep.  And her immune system should be developed!  The level of amniotic fluid has reached its max so I it feels like I can constantly feel her moving and shifting around!  Now there is more baby than fluid!  No wonder why I feel more intense jabs:)

We go in today for my 32 week appointment to hear her heartbeat!  After this appointment we will start to go every two weeks!  My 34 week appointment will also include another ultrasound which I can't wait for!

This Saturday is our all day birthing class!  How exciting!  Our hospital offers the regular weekly classes or an all day Saturday class that covers all of that same info in one setting, so we opted for the all day class with the recommendation from our Doctor.  I'm sure it will be a long day, but I think it will be exciting to think that not long from now we will actually be doing all of this!


Sue said...

Looking Good Abby!! Love that Dakota wants in on the fun - hee hee

How exciting to do your birthing class on Saturday. Don't let it terrify you too much - lol I remember watching the birthing movie with a single mom when I was working at a pregnancy crisis center when we first got married. I remember going home saying to Doug, "I have 2 things to say - a) DRUGS... right when you pull into the hospital parking lot and b) WHAT are we THINKING??" ... but I'm sure it will be just fine ;-)

Have fun! Hugs xo

Crystal said...

Such a cute picture with your little baby boy!!! I keep telling Buddy he will still be out baby boy but we have a baby on the way :)

Birthing classes are fun! We did the 5 week course, instead of the all day one and now I wish I did the 8 hr one. The only thing is now I'm starting to get even more nervous about delivering :)

You look great!!!