Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Toledo Baby Shower

Saturday was my first shower!!!  It was so surreal that my first shower was already here!  Time has just flown by the past few weeks!  My aunts had this shower for me and it was beautiful!  We had an open house style of shower, which means there was no agenda, no games and people could mingle, eat at their leisure and watch gift opening when they wanted.  It turned out well being laid back that way.  Here are some pictures of the food table!  My mom and my aunts did a great job!

Here is my mom and me
Here is my Aunt Barb and Aunt Ginny. (My Aunt Cheryl was there with us in spirit since she couldn't get in town to celebrate with us.)

On the invitation it was requested that everyone bring a book for Adalyn instead of a card.  I now have an absolutely wonderful basket full of amazing books with beautiful things written in them to Adalyn.  It was a great way to start her book collection!  We got card books and classic books.  I can't wait to read them to her!  And of course my mom's books made my cry.  (I'm not much of a crier without these crazy pregnancy hormones!)  My mom gave me her favorite childhood book and then two of my childhood books that were meaningful to me that she read countless times to me.  She wrote special notes to Adalyn in each of them.  Such a wonderful keepsake!  Here's a picture of my blubbering self!
I got a lot of cute girly outfits!!  Girls are just so fun:)
I got a lot of beautiful blankets, lovies, useful baby stuff, and this:
Yes, I think I squealed!  All of my aunts and cousins went together to get this for me!  The first thing Jonathan did when we got home was put it together!

I asked J if I was weird that every time I think about this jogging stroller I get all excited over again thinking about using it!  (I wish I could use it right now but my neighbors might wonder about the overly prego running with an empty jogging stroller.)

Thanks to my cousin Danielle for taking tons of pictures for me!  I wish I would have gotten a picture with her and my other cousin Danae!  Oops! 

I appreciate every person who came to celebrate our wonderful miracle!  It was a very special day!!


Anonymous said...

It is such a blessing for me to be experiencing these special events with you sweetie. It makes all those years that Dad and I waited to have our baby girl worthwhile. Love you so much and can't wait for our little Adalyn. Mom

Lindsy said...

Cute pictures. So....what were the books from your Mom? I'm curious now. Looks like they did a really nice job. Glad you got big registry items!

Angie said...

Hi Abby, I have been reading your blog for the past few months. I love reading about women who have been through infertility and become pregnant. It gives me a lot of hope and encouragement.
I love the cute little hand cookies at your shower and the book idea. Hmmm, I may have to use that idea for my friend's baby shower that I am planning.

Heather said...

Beautiful shower and beautiful shower!! Looks like you recieved many wonderful blessings!!