Wednesday, September 22, 2010

33 Weeks

Otherwise known as 50 days left (give or take...)!  I realize I've been a bad blogger and lately haven't had many other posts than just my weekly belly posts.  Hopefully I'll get some time in the coming weeks to actually sit down and blog!  But until then, back to the belly post.  Here is my 33 week picture from Tuesday!
According to What to Expect, Adalyn is about the size of a pineapple and is 19-22 in long and 4.9 lbs.  Next Thursday we will know a little more accurately since I will be going in for my ultrasound then!  We're praying that my placenta has moved by then!!  My main pregnancy issue (other than the normal aches and pains, heartburn - which I had never had before in my life!, and my belly getting in the way) is that my feet, ankles and legs are soo swollen!  I know it's going to be a bad day when I wake up in the morning and the swelling didn't go down!  But since my blood pressure has been low, my doctor is not worried about it.  It's just really nasty looking and uncomfortable.  At least it's not a real medical issue! 

Saturday we went to our all day birthing class.  It was actually not as gory or boring as I had expected.  We learned everything about labor, delivery, breast feeding, caring for baby, and took a tour of the labor, delivery and post-partum wing of the hospital.  I'm glad we took the class! 

The next day Jonathan and I did the trade-in deal at Babies R Us.  Back 2+ years ago when we first started trying to get pregnant and thought we would be normal and be pregnant right away, our neighbor was selling a running stroller in a garage sale and we bought it.  We've held onto it this entire time.  What we have found, when taking it on walks or runs with our friends' kids is that it didn't tighten enough to keep the kid safely and comfortably in the stroller.  So, since we received the amazing running stroller (that also holds our infant car seat) for my last shower, we took this garage sale stroller and traded it in for 25% off of the infant car seat!  Yay!  That was about $50 off the car seat!  Whoohoo!!  We also used a 20% off coupon to get the pack n play.  We figured that most people aren't going to buy the large items off our registry so we're just trying to space out buying them throughout the pregnancy and use our 20% off coupons on them!  I feel like we have a whole house of baby gear now!  It's getting so real!!

This Saturday is my shower with Jonathan's family.  We are having it at a Tea House.  I think that will be so much fun.  My parents are coming in town on Thursday so that my mom can go to the shower with me (it's about 1.5 hrs away).  Hopefully with my parents extra hands, we can get even more stuff completed in the nursery.  It's soo close to being finished!  I can't wait to post pictures!!!


~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Getting closer!! How exciting!

Crystal said...

I've been a bad blogger lately too!!! You look great and yes we are getting close. Especially since they are talking about inducing me next week or the week after. We went this past weekend and finished up getting everything on our registry. Can't wait to see nursery pics!!!