Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shamrock Shuffle 2011

Saturday I "ran" (I use that term extremely loosely since it was way more of a jog) in my first race since my first trimester! Billie and I have run it for 4 years now and I decided it would be a great way for me to get back into running.  (I'm very addicted to running races because of my competitive nature!)  Billie ended up not being able to run with me, but my old coworker and friend Nevada drove back into town to run it and contacted me to see if I was running it.  It was so great to see her!  I finished the race. It was only a 3K, but I have to start somewhere!  I have decided that until I get new running shoes I will not be running again.  Last weekend I had my feet measured at the running shop and yes, they grew an entire size! (I'm still holding out hope for them to shrink.) So needless to say my feet were on FIRE after running in shoes a size too small. (The running store didn't have my style of shoes in the correct size so I couldn't buy them.)

Here are some pictures.  I pretty much look awful since I'm not at my ideal size and I have no makeup on, but I am posting them anyway because this is my scrap book and I want to be able to look back in a few months to see how far I've come. (How do you like that inspirational thinking?)

I've got my number on and ready to go!
My best cheerleader (althought my mom was there and she is a good cheerleader too:)! {This is probably the only time on my blog that you will see my husband without his hair done!} :)
Adalyn was really excited to come to her first race! Can you tell?
Nevada! When she first started running this race 2 years ago she had just had a baby. Crazy that her 2 year old was at the race cheering for her and now I have the baby!
In action - finish line in sight!


Aishlea and Brandon said...

You did great! :) I have my first race in a few weekends...soo not ready for it! At least you finished- I may not make it across the finish line! ha...

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Girl, I think you look great and you should be so proud! I have NEVER even been in a marathon and I don't think I could even "jog" my way through it. Way to go!

Lindsy said...

Go girl!

Janine said...

I almost didn't recognize Jonathan! Hahaha j/k...proud of you for getting out there. Don't apologize for the distance. You DID proud of it.

Adriane said...

great job! that's a great accomplishment and a start to getting where you want to be:)