Thursday, March 17, 2011

A visit from papa and grandma!

My dad had spring break this past week so he and my mom decided to come visit us.  They babysat Adalyn on Thursday while we were at work.  It was really hard to talk them into it, but they finally gave in:)  Then on Friday I took the day off to spend with them.  My mom and I did a few things around the house and ran a few errands that I just hadn't gotten around to. We always have such a good time together!

Saturday was the Shamrock Shuffle and my parents witnessed a race first hand.  I think they were shocked by the sheer number of people in green running.  After we left the race we decided that we all needed some breakfast so Jonathan stopped at Spaulding Bakery. If you are from Lexington I need not say more.  Spaulding donuts are legendary. They usually have a line out the door and down the street but when we got there it wasn't yet out the door! Yay us! (I'm pretty sure the donut defeated the whole running thing but I couldn't NOT have one!)

Sunday we all went to church and then out for some Fazoli's and then we introduced my parents to the gloriousness that is Orange Leaf! Yum Yum! For those who don't know, it's a self serve frozen yogurt (froyo) place and it is quite amazing.  The owners go to our church and always have Christian music playing and I'm telling you it IS the place to be.  We waited for the place to open at 1:00 and let's just say we weren't even the first ones in the door and by the time we were paying, the place was full! On a Sunday afternoon!  There are somewhere around 16 flavors to choose from along with yummy toppings and I think mom and dad fully enjoyed it!

Then grandma and papa got to babysit while we went to a bracket party for Jonathan's work.  I don't really think they minded to have more one on one two on one time with Adalyn!

Here are some pictures from after church: (And yes, I'm aware that the bow is bigger than her head. I saw it in the store on Friday and thought she needed it to match this outfit. So over-the-top! I think she has some room to grow into it. Don't you?)
We had a great time and were sad to see them leave.  We so wished that they lived closer to us!

We love you guys!! :) Adalyn already misses you:)

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OMG, Adalyn is beautiful and I love her bow! So glad you had such a great weekend and got to spend great time with family! Also, great job on the race - donuts are totally worth it after I run :)