Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Welcome Baby Avery

Tuesday Tim and Lindsy welcomed baby Avery Cate to the world! She was born at 12:00 and it sounds like it was a really fast labor! As Tim said, Lindsy was a champ!  We are so excited for them.  Kennedy now has a sweet little sister! Avery is such a little peanut! She weighs 6lbs 5oz which is quite a lot smaller than Adalyn was when she was born so she just seemed extra tiny! We went up to the hospital to visit them and meet Avery and we ran into Billie, Derek and Eli while we were visiting them.  So we got a few pictures:

 Look at all of that dark hair!
 She was so alert and kept looking at me and playing with her mouth and tongue. So sweet.  Newborn skin is just so sweet:)
 Eli loves to give hugs and when he saw Adalyn he ran over to her to give her hugs.  Of course we couldn't get it on camera.  This was the closest that we get.  At one point he went right for her face.  Yep, he's smitten:) hehe! So sweet.
 Adalyn looks like such a big girl! This was the first of many pictures of these girls together.  How sweet! How funny is it that Adalyn look bald with her blonde hair and then Avery has a full head of dark hair! :)