Monday, April 4, 2011

Cutie boots

Sunday I dressed Adalyn in a sweet Gap sweater dress (that I got at a consignment sale last August for $3), a precious Gap shrug that I bought (at the store) for $5 last summer on clearance, tights, and cute Gap boots that Jonathan found on clearance at Gap last month.  I love me some baby Gap...especially when it is not full price!  Discount shopping is awesome and now that I can discount shop for baby clothes it's extra rewarding!  Anyway, I really wanted her to wear the dress before it was too warm out to wear a sweater dress so Sunday was the day.  (Of course the day ended up being too warm for the outfit but oh well.  She looked cute anyway.)  So, back to the shoes.  I thought they would actually stay on since they went halfway up her legs. I was wrong. Two kicks and they were gone.  So I gently put them on, held her legs so she wouldn't kick them off and made Jonathan take a picture quickly!  By the way, the shoes are size 0-3 so they are not too big! Why don't baby shoes stay on?? They are just so cute that I get drawn in thinking about a sweet outfit that they will make.

Today Adalyn was playing in her exersaucer and laughing at her daddy. She's just so adorable.  I got a couple sweet pictures before she noticed the camera. Those cheeks...oh my...

 The smile goes away when the camera comes out. But that stare is so sweet that I just keep clicking away. I can't help it.

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Janine said...

So cute! I think her bottom lip goes away when the camera comes out, too! :)