Saturday, April 2, 2011

Little UK Cheerleader

Today is a big UK game!! We are in the Final Four (if you've been living under a rock and weren't aware) for the first time since 1998! Living in Lexington (aka The Big Blue Nation) is like no other during basketball season, let alone tournament time.  UK fans are the most loyal fans ever! If you go anywhere on game days everyone is in blue, cars are decked out and even the grandmas have their appliquéd sweater vests on!  It's quite fun! The stadium in Houston will be packed tonight with UK fans!  People will travel anywhere for their Cats!

Of course we went out last night to get our Final Four t-shirts and found a cute onesie for Adalyn, so today we were all dressed to go out and Adalyn spit up all down the front of her outfit and Jonathan's shirt.  Yes we are dedicated fans.  We waited to leave the house until we did the load of laundry and got dressed for the second time!

I went a little crazy with the pictures but she just looked so sweet and those blue eyes are just soo precious.  Of course she wasn't in a smiley mood until the camera was off, but that didn't stop mommy from being camera-happy.

Go Big Blue! Let's beat UConn!

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EKelly said...

Oh goodness.... SO cute!!!