Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day

We went to visit my parents for Memorial Day weekend. We took Friday off and made it a nice 4-day weekend to enjoy family! Unfortunately we didn't have great weather for the weekend but Memorial Day itself was beautiful! Our family has a tradition (for over 60 years now!) to have a picnic cookout at a park for breakfast. I haven't been to the breakfast since college and Jonathan had never been to the picnic so it was his and Adalyn's first Memorial Day breakfast! Part of the tradition is that the men all get to the park early and make breakfast for their individual families and then all of the rest of us get there, decorate the tables and eat good food. YUM! I really miss not having family nearby especially when we get to hang out with my cousins and all of their kids. We've got a big group when we all get together. Here are some pictures from the park. I didn't get a picture of it but most of the kids - including Jonathan - played in the annual softball game. Oh, and part of the tradition is that along with decorating tables in red, white and blue, everyone dresses (except me this year) in red, white, and blue.

My dad in his classy hat (that makes an appearance every year) cleaning the grill after making bacon, eggs and pancakes.

 Adalyn's cousins loved on her all morning!
 Adalyn was happy just hanging out on the picnic table having a little tummy time.
 For the very short time that she was not in someone's arms but she was still smiling!
 Adalyn loved all the attention.  Her cousins Caris and Cooper were making her laugh!! They were so sweet with her.
 With daddy after the softball game. She was showing off her patriotic outfit.

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Lindsy said...

I love family traditions...they are the best! Looks like y'all had a good trip.