Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Tale of a Chi

If you remember my story a few weeks ago about my Chi (flat iron for those who don't know) breaking and my wonderful husband fixing it, and how thoroughly attached to it I am, then you will understand how devastating the past couple weeks have been.

After Jonathan fixed my Chi with superglue, it was working magnificently and all was well with the world!  Then we took a trip to Texas and lets just say that my Chi did not survive the airplane flight.  It was a sad day.  Along with my first bout of "morning" sickness I had bad hair while being out of town!  And let's just be honest, I've had a constant bad hair day for many weeks now.  (It's so painful that I can't remember having a good hair day!) 
When we got home from our trip I found my old imitation straightener under the guest bathroom sink.  For some reason I kept it.  Maybe I was trying to give my guests a bit of good hostessing by having a stocked bathroom... or maybe I wanted them to have bad hair.  Either way, I had kept the horrible thing.  Hair straighteners that are not Chi brand should not even be called hair straighteners because let's be honest.  They don't actually straighten your hair.  They just give you a frizzy, wavy look.  Just awful.

Anyway, Jonathan and I have been really careful with our money, especially recently because if you don't remember HELLO we bought a new house and we have a baby coming.  Both of which take a lot of money.  So because of this turn of events I knew that we could not spend money on my need for straight hair.  So I shut my mouth, sucked it up and have had frizzy, wavy hair for what feels like an eternity.

That is until my parents came to visit for Easter and my mom brought me her Chi (yes, my mom even knows what a Chi is which means you should too!) that she didn't get much use out of since she's more of a curling iron sort of girl.  Aren't mom's wonderful?  Always so giving!  I felt bad taking her Chi since they are worth their weight in gold, but she insisted that she doesn't get much use out of it!  So I now have a *pink* Chi and thankfully some straight hair! aaahhh!  Feels so much better!  It seriously changes the texture of hair! Just sayin...  I just know it's going to change my outlook on life and maybe even take away my morning sickness!  Hey, they are miraculous things!
Yes, I realize that I just wrote an entire post on my hair.  You just never know what you're going to get when you come to my blog.  I like to keep you all on your toes!  But the moral of the story is that everyone should have a Chi!


Murdock's mama said...

That was sweet of your mama! Chis are the BEST!

Rhea said...

Moms ARE the BEST! I can relate...when my Chi broke a few years ago, my husband fixed it, then it died. I HAD to replace it- my hair takes on a life of it's own! My Chi blowdryer just bit the dust a few weeks ago...I researching new ones!

Seizing My Day said...

You make me laugh!! ;) I bought one of the cheap ones... and didn't love the results...
maybe one day I will start spending real time on my hair again... except... I don't have any gold to buy one!!

I hope your morning sickness gets better... I was *ahem* blessed with nausea and the after effects for the entire 9 months... twice!! misery! amazing what one can survive! =)

Sue said...

Love it! lol I have one of those "cheap, imitation" flat irons and it does a pretty good job but I'd LOVE a Chi myself. I tried my sister's when in NC and I SO get what you're talking about. It glides through the hair. Like you, I have wavy, "frizzy" hair and not very many people are able to see the mop outside my family. How did we survive with this type of hair before flat irons??!! Your Mom is wonderful and I'm so glad you can put that "horror" behind you - hee hee I do want to see a pic of your "natural" wavy hair btw... ;-) Hugs xo