Monday, September 26, 2011

The Bright Side...

Let's look on the bright side first... I got to try out this SAHM thing and I really liked it, I got to spend the day with my sweet baby, I had lots of cuddles, and at least my baby made it to 10.5 months before getting sick.

On Friday Jonathan was diagnosed with a sinus infection and stomach virus. Well, it got passed around our house and Adalyn got a cough, sneeze, runny nose along with the stomach virus on Sunday. Poor baby has never been sick before (other than a runny nose) and I felt so sorry for her.  The weird part was that she pretty much acted normal and then would throw up after every bottle or meal. But she slept much more than normal on and was quite pathetic. 

She never falls asleep on us, so the fact that she slept with us holding her showed us just how sick she felt. 

She and Jonathan were getting some Zzzz. They both needed the rest.

I stayed home with her today and thankfully she was feeling much better by this afternoon. We did some pedialite, applesauce and bananas and she did great. I'm thankful that it seemed to pass so quickly. It's nice to get all the extra cuddles, but it's hard to see your baby feeling stinky.

We puked through so many pjs (and also sheets) that we actually were able to wear the same pjs two days in a row thanks to daddy's laundry abilities. Today as she was starting to feel a bit better and played with her toys.
 Smiles! And we even changed out of pjs!!

I'm so glad that she's feeling better. A sick baby is no fun. But I will miss her while I'm at work tomorrow!

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Sue said...

I'm glad your sweetie is feeling better too - was praying for you this morning when I read about her throwing up.

LOVE the pic of J & A sleeping - PRECIOUS!!

Hope you remain healthy ;-)