Thursday, April 26, 2012

Daddy / Daughter Time

Last week Adalyn's sitter was telling me how much Adalyn was enjoying playing with the wooden Melissa and Doug puzzles at her house. Sometimes I don't give Adalyn as much credit for being a big girl because I still picture her as my baby so I had never played puzzles with her. She received a M&D puzzle for Christmas and I put it away for her until she was older and hadn't gotten it back out. Well after I found out how much A loves puzzles I went down to the basement to retrieve her new puzzle and we've been playing with it ever since!

On Sunday afternoon Adalyn fell in love with a precious little purple bunny at the grocery store so that was carted with her everywhere once she got home! But she still wanted to play with her new puzzle with daddy so bunny just came along. Of course it was just so sweet that I had to get some pictures!

Then Adalyn was "dancing" to some music on the tv. Of course I can never catch her dancing on video but I had my camera out and got her little stomp move on camera!
 And just because I could just kiss those cheeks!
We were trying to wind down for the evening and Adalyn decided she wanted to move her rocking chair across the room to be right in front of the tv. She put her bunny in her chair and was talking to it and then patted it and kissed it. It was so sweet. Then she climbed in with it to watch tv so Jonathan grabbed the camera to capture the sweetness. (She pushed it right up to the ottoman. J tried to push it out so she could rock and she got out of the rocker and pushed it back to where she wanted it. She is so his child!)

Adalyn's hair is getting so thick and is all over the place which is why she needs a bow in it at all times! But these sweet curls in the back are my favorite! Love that J captured this picture since I never think to take a pic of the back of her:)

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Aishlea and Brandon said...

How sweet is she?! So precious!! Cohen loves puzzles, but he just wants to dump all the pieces and not put them back. He runs with them and hides them. :) Such a boy!