Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Ok, so not completely wordless since I feel the need to narrate.  Here are a few iphone pics from the past week. If you follow me on twitter, you've probably already seen them. I just couldn't resist posting them here. My girl is just so stinkin cute!

Riding her new-to-her (hand me down from our neighbors) bike. Still working on figuring out the pedals.
 She loves using the front camera on my phone and watching herself while we take pics! Guess it's pretty funny:)
 She found a friend in the discount Easter aisle and we couldn't say no to $2 with this reaction. It made for a fun grocery shopping experience while she talked to and loved on bunny:) Since that day, bunny has gone to bed with her each night and is carted everywhere in the house with her! (Her hand is blurry because she just kept patting bunny.)
 I was getting dinner ready and while the fridge was open, Adalyn opened the bottom drawer of fruit and helped herself to an apple before I could stop her. She then walked around doing this. She doesn't like the skin, so when she'd get a piece off, she'd spit it out and hand it to me. oh my!
 Adalyn hates getting dirty while eating but she was really enjoying her spaghetti and meat sauce this night. It was so cute. She also had salad and scarfed it down and asked for more. The next night I gave her salad to see if she really liked it or if it was a fluke and she ate it all and asked for more again. So, she spits out apple and won't touch grapes but loves salad?!?

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Crystal said...

So sweet!!! That is funny about the apple. I haven't tried giving Macey salad but I might have to.