Sunday, April 15, 2012


This past month, Adalyn's had some fun friend time so I thought I'd post a blog with some pictures of her with her friends!

Baby Caleb was born last month and we went to visit him in the hospital. Adalyn wasn't (and still isn't) sure what she thinks of him. She does like to touch him or hold his little feet. It's pretty cute. Then she goes back to playing with her own toys.  I have a feeling baby Caleb and baby Cayden will be bff's and probably be those annoying boys that get into Adalyn's toys when they're having a play date at our house. hehe.

Last month Adalyn was invited to her first friend birthday party! Avery turned 1 and invited 2 friends (and their parents) over for her birthday. Lindsy did an awesome job with decorations and food! It was so cute. We lined the kids up in their booster chairs for lunch and cake. So fun!
 Of course she fell and got a bruise on her nose that morning!
Of course, while the other two kids were digging into their cupcakes, Adalyn wasn't about to touch her cupcake, so she was using a fork. Silly girl!
Here's some proof that she actually used her hands, even if only for a moment...
Messy faces:)

Family pics!
 Smiley Birthday Girl!

Billie and Derek (and kids) came over for the UK final four game and the kids were so cute playing together. Adalyn would bring Emalyn toys and lay them next to her, but then when mommy was holding Emalyn, Adalyn was a bit distraught. (We're going to have some adjustments when Cayden comes!)
 Sweet baby girl!

Adalyn and Eli play so nicely together. They were playing with Adalyn's tea set and it was so cute!
 Eli is so sweet with Adalyn. Let's hope when Adalyn is the older friend to Emalyn, Adalyn is just as kind and patient:)
We're so blessed to have friends who have such sweet kids. I love that the kids (aka cousins) get along so well!


Lindsy said...

So sweet (well, bittersweet truthfully and you know why ;). I love that they are all so kind with each other and enjoy each other the way they do. #sigh

Sue said...

Abby, I love that you and your friends are having your babies together!! Such precious times and memories!! xo