Monday, April 23, 2012

New ipod!

Let's take it back to my single days working at the bank. I wanted an ipod thinking it would help me be motivated to exercise. Ha! Like an ipod and a cute workout outfit will make me lose weight! Girls will try anything other than putting in the work right?  Anyway, I was poor (as if I'm not still poor) and back then if another branch needed a manager to fill in on a Saturday they would offer a $50 gift card to any store for the trouble of working an extra weekend in the month. So I decided to volunteer for a few of these spots and collected some Best Buy gift cards to buy myself my first ipod. I got the cheapest nano I could afford with my gift cards. Unfortunately that ipod didn't really give me motivation or make me lose weight.

After Jonathan and I were married and I packed on a few pounds and decided to start working out, that nano came in handy.  The nano got me through losing 23 lbs and many miles running. But as of a couple years ago it stopped keeping a charge so I would have to keep it plugged into the computer until I was headed out the door to run and even then, sometimes it would crap out during my run. (Which is really frustrating for someone like me who NEEDS music to run to and also uses the nike+ app to track my miles!)  So for at least the past year (or more) I've been "borrowing" Jonathan's ipod to run with. Not that running or ipods are in my vocabulary right now... But hopefully soon they will be back!

Anyway, a couple weeks ago Jonathan watch reading his twitter feed and saw that Apple was accepting first generation ipod nano's for a free replacement nano due to a faulty battery life. Well, he asked me what generation nano I had. I had absolutely no clue. I seriously forgot I even had one let alone what generation it was. (Thanks to twitter and my husband's freaky memory!!) He somehow found my old nano in a bin of my running stuff. (I think he had to blow the layer of dust off of the bin. HA!) He entered the serial number into Apple's website and it said that it was available for the replacement program!! How awesome!

Within about 2 days they sent us the packaging to ship mine back in. We sent it in and about a week later FedEx delivered this precious little beauty!:

Oh and even though my original ipod was 1GB, they sent me the new nano that is 8GB! That is stinkin awesome! What other company will replace a piece of technology that is that old?? And my nike+ that I used to have to plug into the bottom of my old ipod? It's built into this one! Ah-mazing! Jonathan had fun playing around with my new piece of technology. I think he might want to borrow it! I love how small it is. I always wore my ipod around my forearm when I was running just so that I could see it and use it easier while I was running. This ipod actually has wrist bands that make it into a "watch" and I think I'm going to love that for running! Maybe this new little piece of technology will motivate me to get back to running as soon as Cayden is born:) And this cute pink band might be that extra boost of motivation too:)
So for any of you out there that have a 1st generation nano in the back of a drawer collecting dust since it probably doesn't work anymore, make sure you do the replacement deal!!!


Janine said...

WHOA. I am gonna have to look into this! What is the time limit on this replacement program?? (i.e. when does it end?)

Jonathan said...

Ha! Love the post sweetie! It made me think of the days I would drive over to your apartment after work and we would go to your apartment gym to workout and then cook dinner together. We are sooo old now!

Justin and Jessica said...

Justin just surprised me with one of these! I love the Nike tracker on it! Ours wasn't free like yours though. :) Enjoy!

Lindsy said...

Ooooohhh it's fancy. I have a shuffle (which I just recently washed) so this unfortunately doesn't apply to me. I did however just buy a new shuffle yesterday (woot!). Loving the pink arm band option - you definitely need it. ;)

EKelly said...

Thanks for the scoop- mine qualified too!

Murdock's mama said...

How sweet is this?! Unfortunately mine is a VERY OLD [1st edition?] video ipod, not shuffle. Either way...happy for you! :)