Friday, April 27, 2012


You all know that my heart is that I would be a stay at home mom, but that's just not in our budget at the moment (or coming moments).  But, I love that Adalyn goes to "daycare" and gets to play with other kids during the day. Sometimes I wonder if she'd be as well adjusted as she is if I stayed home with her. She has no separation anxiety and never has so I don't know if that's her personality or from going to daycare starting at 8 weeks old.  We're so happy with Adalyn's sitter. She's great with the kids. (I know I couldn't do her job!!) And she does so much with the kids. When I think about it I could get sad that Adalyn is learning things without me being present, but I'm just happy that she's learning to play with others and learning new things all the time.  Here are some of her new things:

~ Playing with puzzles
~ She's been coloring and painting for a while at daycare and asks to color here at home but gets bored quickly.  Just recently now when we go to eat places she'll actually stay entertained with coloring and does pretty well with keeping the crayons on the paper (and out of her mouth). She used to kinda play with the crayons and then want me to color. Now she will seriously color her paper.
~ Last night Adalyn kept repeating something that sounded like "itch". Finally Jonathan deciphered what she was saying. She was saying "Ashes, Ashes we all fall down." Ok, we have never sung Ring around the Roses with her so we were so surprised. We started singing the whole little song and she got so excited that we knew what she was saying. And she would sing it with us. Jonathan asked the sitter this morning and she said that they do sing that song and that Adalyn absolutely loves it.
~ This morning before work, we had Sprout on and a Sesame Street commercial came on. She has always loved this commercial and stops to listen to the song. Well today during this song, she pointed to the TV and said "Elmo" clear as day. Jonathan and I looked at each other so surprised. We both grew up on Sesame Street so we like the show, but it's never on when we're home so it's not a show we ever watch with Adalyn let alone talk about the characters. We asked the sitter and sure enough one of the little boys that she keeps is obsessed with Elmo so I guess Adalyn has picked that up.  Tonight she came home asking for Elmo and then looking through her books for an Elmo book (she has 3 sesame street books in her basket of books).
~ When I picked Adalyn up from the sitter today she said that she had goldfish out on the counter and Adalyn pointed to them and said "goldfish" clearly.

It is just amazing what a sponge she is! She tries to repeat everything we say. She even heard me say "crap" yesterday and then said it after me. OOPS!! Guess we need to watch what we say even more than ever. She's also so good with directions. If we ask her to do a specific task, she will understand it and follow through (unless she's being ornery). :) Each day is a new discovery and I love it!!

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Crystal said...

I love this age and it is so fun watching learn so much at this age!!