Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Adalyn's First Year Mixbook

I decided to post a link to the Mixbook that I've spent a billion hours making. I figure I put in enough hours making it that I should put it "out there" for our out of town friends and family to see.  It came in the mail this week and I LOVE it! I highly recommend Mixbook if you're looking to make a digital scrapbook. The book I ordered is the 11x14 so it's huge and the quality of printing, paper, binding is great!  You can usually find a Groupon (if you search all cities) for a $50 Mixbook for $15! Oh and printing/shipping was super fast! This is my 7th book I've made (although all of my other books have been about 25 pages instead of 91) and I've been happy with all of my books.

Adalyn's First Year book.

Tomorrow is Adalyn's 18 month picture session with Jes. I can't believe how fast time flies. Guess I'll be making my 8th Mixbook soon... I've gotta make sure all of her professional pictures don't just live in the computer but are in print!

(I wish Mixbook knew who I was and would sponsor me for giving my review, but they don't and they don't. So I seriously am saying this because I believe in the product so much!)


Sarah said...

Thanks for your kind words about Mixbook! Congrats on completing your book- it's beautiful!

Crystal said...

So cute!! Where does the time go!?! It feels like yesterday that they were just born!!!

Our Family of Four said...

Looks great!

Lindsy said...

It looks awesome!