Monday, June 18, 2012

Baseball Game

Last Wednesday Jonathan's work department had a family night at the Lexington Legends baseball game.  We weren't sure how Adalyn would do since we knew we'd be out past her bedtime and we weren't sure if she'd roll with it or completely melt down, but we thought we'd try.  We haven't been to a baseball game this year and Adalyn has never been to a game so we were excited to give it a try. It was great weather that night. Thankfully the humidity had eased up a bit and it was a pretty evening. (Unfortunately our eating area and seats were facing directly into the sun so it was difficult to watch the game.)  Of course I had to get a few pictures on my phone...

Outside the ball park in front of the giant baseball.
 Adalyn loved this horse that was outside of our eating area. She made some friends with Jonathan's coworkers' kids and they were running through the horse's legs.
 Sitting like a big girl in her seat. She loved the folding seats and getting in and out of them.
 My sweet girl would barely be still long enough for a picture.
 We walked to the other side of the ball park so Adalyn could play on the play set. She loved the slide!
 At one point there were other kids on the smaller slide so she kept crawling up to the big slide. I about had a heart attack but she didn't seem to be worried a bit!
 Adalyn was playing with the table signs so I was trying to get a picture and right then the little boy she had been playing with was leaving so she was blowing him kisses and couldn't give me the time of day. So funny!
Adalyn did great being out past her bedtime (you just never know these days...) and we lasted until the 5th inning (the dinner started an hour before the game). We ended up leaving when all of the rest of Jonathan's coworkers were leaving. It was a great time and I'd like to do it again!

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Lindsy said...

Fun, fun! I'm going to miss those Legends outings!