Friday, June 15, 2012

A Day at the Zoo

Last week Jonathan had the idea to take Adalyn to the Louisville Zoo on Saturday. (It's the zoo he grew up going to.) We don't usually do last minute things like that because we're planners. (I realize that it wasn't like it was same-day-last was week-of-last minute. But that's still a big deal for us.) Jonathan called his mom and sister to see if they wanted to join us since they live in L-ville so we ended up having a family day. When we pulled into the parking lot there were signs up that the park was closing at 2pm that day. We were upset since we had driven in for it and only had about 3.5 hours to spend in the zoo including time for lunch. We felt like we were sprinting through the different exhibits just to have time to get around the entire zoo. But we were able to see a few animals out and about. We had to skip the splash pad but by 2 Adalyn was melting down anyway. And the 90* day had worn us all out. It was BLAZING!!

Adalyn spent the day in her wagon and was happy about it. She loves that wagon and never wants to get out when we're done with walks so a whole day in the wagon was happiness for her! Also, this was her first time in pigtails. Jonathan said she looked way too old! So cute!! I love that her hair is long enough for them!

 Watching the elephants with her grammy and her cousin Sammy.
 Checking out the camels.
 She wasn't sure about the petting zoo.
 She would not touch any of the animals!

She slept the entire way home. She was exhausted. Lexington doesn't have a zoo so next trip will be to the Cincinnati Zoo maybe even later this summer. Last summer we went to the Toledo Zoo (the zoo I grew up going to) but with baby Cayden coming this year, we won't be making a trip up there this summer so she'll have to wait for the Toledo Zoo for either the Lights before Christmas or next summer. Although a lot of the animals were hard for her to see or pick out in a field, I think she had a good time and enjoyed the animals she could see. She liked waiving to the monkeys!


Aishlea and Brandon said...

Precious in pigtails! We have been talking about going to to zoo but haven't done it yet. I know Cohen will love all the animals!

Crystal said...

So fun!!! I use to love going to the Louisville zoo when I was younger. I want to Macey if we ever make it up there to just enjoy ourselves. And I LOVE the pigtails!

badesjarlais said...

If you end up going to the Cincinnati Zoo, let us know. Maybe we can plan a play date!

Janine said...

So sweet!!! I love a good zoo, and a baby girl in pigtails is just too much! She does look more grown up! :)