Monday, June 11, 2012

Memorial Day

So this post is about 2 weeks too late, but better late than never right? We went to my parents for Memorial Day and had a great time. My extended family has a tradition (since my mom was a young girl) that we all go to a park and the men grill out breakfast for all the families on Memorial Day morning. And all the guys try to out-do each other with their food, dress and table decorations. Last year Jonathan and I joined in the tradition for the first time since we were married and had a great time (here was a recap with tiny pics of Adalyn!!) so we decided to do it again this year.

Of course we had to get as much fun packed into the weekend with my parents as possible. It's been a while since we've been to visit them. Jonathan relaxed in hammock out back and Adalyn had fun in the neighbor's swing. My mom and I did a bit of shopping (of course I ended up only buying stuff for Adalyn...Gymboree had 30% off even their clearance. SCORE!) and we spent all day Sunday at my aunt and uncle's pool with my cousins and kids. We also squeezed in two trips to ice cream stands and made s'mores on my parent's back patio. It was a fun weekend. It makes me sad that we don't live closer. Having family around is so special!  Here are some pictures of our weekend.

Adalyn loved the hammock too!

 Sunday morning before church in her red,white and blue!
 Swimming for the first time this summer! She wasn't sure about the cold water.
 She had fun splashing!
 Memorial Day breakfast! (It was blazing hot that morning!)

 Sharing her juice.
 My dad grilling our breakfast.
One of the girls I went to grade school through high school with was on vacation with her husband and older kids so her mom was watching her youngest that week and brought her to the breakfast. She and Adalyn are the same age and it was so good to finally see her in person and not just in facebook pictures. But it was difficult to get two 18 month olds in a picture at the same time!
 One of my cousin's beautiful daughters. Adalyn loved all the attention!
 After a picnic lunch at my parents, we were headed back home.

 Adalyn loves her papa and grandma!

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