Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So hard to say goodbye...

Typing out that blog title made the Boyz II Men song run through my mind. Honestly, I've kind of been dreading writing this blog post.  I know it needs to be done, but I had to give myself some space from the actual "goodbye" to when I wrote this post so I could be a little less emotional about it all.  Two of our best friends and their kids (who are like our own) were transferred multiple states away. I'm thrilled for them in this next chapter of their lives, mainly because they will be near family which I know was a huge priority for them. (And I don't blame them. It would be nice to live close to family!) But it doesn't make the sting of having them gone any easier.

The weekend before Memorial Day Billie and I hosted a goodbye party for the Taylor family. We had such a great time together at the party, but it was so very bitter sweet. Earlier in the day Lindsy's church friend hosted a baby shower for her so we had a full day of celebrations! But it also reminded me of the fact that our boys won't be growing up together. ::tears::

Tim, Lindsy, Jonathan and I go way back. We became friends on the volleyball court and softball fields before we were even married, so we've been through so much together. Since none of us have family in Lexington we were each others' family and aunts and uncles to each others' kids. (I've told Billie, my other "sister", that she better not leave me!! I know I couldn't handle it if both of my girls left!) Because I'm hormonal and nostalgic I thought I'd post a few old pictures...

Jonathan and my wedding.

Fireworks in the rain.
First of our babies to be born. Kennedy on her birthday.

Girl fun!
We surprised our husbands with a weekend away and tickets to their favorite teams who were playing each other!
Can't believe how young Kennedy was. Precious girl!
At the Mad Potter making a plate for Billie's shower.
 Billie's shower.
Adalyn just born.
 Avery on her birthday! (It hit me the other day that when Greyson and Cayden are born, they will be the first kids of ours that Lindsy and I don't go see in the hospital. Although since we are due the same week we might have been at different hospitals delivering our boys so we might not have been there anyway. Either way it hit me and made me sad.)
 Our girls 16 weeks apart.
 Our girls dressed alike last summer. I love this picture!
Avery's 1st Birthday!
The kids together on Easter
 16 week belly pic

So much fun to see our friendship throughout the years in pictures. Wow have we changed and grown up. I'm so bummed that we didn't get one last picture of our families together at the going away party, but we were having too much fun enjoying each other that we didn't take the time to get family pictures. But here are some pictures we did capture. (Thanks to Lindsy and Janine for the pics since I didn't take any!)

What we did... (Eat, socialize, and take belly pictures with Janine - she's also due the same week as us!)

What our kids did...
 It was fun to see them all playing together! So cute the older they get!

Love this pose:)

 How many kids can pile in the gator? That toy was the HIT of the party!
We really had a fun day of enjoying each other and our kids. It's crazy how our whole group of friends have grown from our days of playing softball and volleyball and going canoeing without a care in the world to having multiple kids (there were 8 kids at the party) and 3 more on the way!! Wow. We make jokes about the fact that when we have get-togethers everyone is taking care of someone else's kid. Its like whoever is closest to the kid that needs help or wants to be held takes care of him/her. Love that we are that comfortable together. Seriously like a family. We really are blessed to have such friendships.

The day that Lindsy left town, she attended our last MUMs (Moms Understanding Moms) group meeting and after our meeting it was pretty ugly when we said goodbye. (It doesn't help that we both have crazy hormones right now.) We had to get one more belly picture together before she left town. I mean seriously, how often do you get to be the same number of weeks pregnant as your girlfriend? Had to get belly pics of that!

Wow. The difference between the first picture in this post (from 2006) and this picture is quite comical!
I know through this many years of friendship and sisterhood, we will continue to be friends. It may be harder to just pop on by to stop in for a visit. But we won't let those 7 hours between us scare us! We'll be planing some family vacations soon!  Love you girl and miss you like crazy!


Lindsy said...

Oh my gosh - this post made me happy and sad all at the same time. I mean - the pics from your wedding: WOW. The craziest thing is - that doesn't seem THAT long ago but look at us now. That picture also reminded me of how flipping hot it was that day. Ha! The pics of the boys too - such a hoot! I miss you too but yes, we WILL be sure to have some vacations soon and hopefully not too awful long after the boys are born. Love you!

Crystal said...

I'm playing catch up on ready blogs!!! I just read this and your friends blog...now you have two reasons to come to NC to visit!!! What part of NC did she move to? Maybe we are close!!

Savannah said...

This is such a bittersweet post! I love the sweet friendship your families share and hope there are many family vacations in your future!