Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2 Months Old

Cayden turned 2 months old last week and had his 8 week doctor's appointment. I just can't believe how fast he's growing! Can the time please stop already??! I didn't post his one month pictures so I thought I'd post newborn, 1 and 2 month pictures today.

0 Months - Newborn (love those leg wrinkles)

 1 Month Old

2 Months Old
 Smiley boy. So happy!

 He looks like such a big boy!

Cayden had to get 3 shots and he did well at the doctor's office. There were tears but they were short-lived. Poor thing was quite miserable that night though. Thankfully it only lasted a day.  Here are his stats. He's a little peanut!
Height: 22 1/4 inches = 25%
Weight: 9 lbs 3 oz = 2%
Head: 14 inches = < 2%
Size 1 diapers
Size 0-3 month clothes
Aaaand....He is sleeping through the night!!! It started early last week and I'm holding my breath each night but he's still going strong (usually 9pm-6am). Let's hope it stays that way!


Lindsy said...

He is such a string bean...a cute one!

Aishlea and Brandon said...

Cute little man!! And what a good boy to sleep through the night for your mama!! :)

Jonathan said...

Wow, I can't believe how much he has grown right in front of my eyes! He still seems so tiny to me.

Janine said...

Sooooo cute!!! And I am also sooo jealous that he is sleeping so long!! ;) but very glad for y'all. At least one of us is getting sleep!!!!