Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Pictures

I found this cute -over the top- Halloween dress for Adalyn at a consignment sale and couldn't resist. I laid it out last night and this morning when she woke up she saw it and was so excited. She kept pointing to it and saying "punkin". When she put it on she did some twirling. The little ghost is on a ribbon and it can be tucked inside the pumpkin pocket. The girls working in her room at church said that she had to show everyone her little ghost. Of course I had to get a few pictures :)

I absolutely love this picture. (Too bad little man was fussy without the paci.)
 I love fall clothes! 
I tried to bribe Adalyn to stand still so I could get a picture of her dress. Can you tell how thrilled she was? She wanted to be...
 Jump! Jump! Jump!
 My two boys in their snuggies tonight. Love them!

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Crystal said...

Love the dress, so cute! I feel your pain about trying to get a pic of a two year old! Macey either refuses to smile or stand still!!!