Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

This is the first year that we didn't dress Dakota up. I'll blame it on the kids. We ate dinner, fed the baby and raced around to get costumes on before our doorbell started ringing.  Somewhere in there we forgot to dress the dog. I hope he wasn't too upset.

Adalyn trick or treated up and down our street and then to one of our friend's houses at the end of our street. It was fun to see all the neighbors and other kids walking up and down the street. At first Adalyn wouldn't say trick or treat and she wouldn't choose a candy out of the bowl being held out to her. But she would say "thank you" every single time. Made me proud! But she quickly got the hang of it and started saying "t-teet". She was all about choosing her piece of candy out of the bowl being offered. Then she'd say "thank you" and sometimes even a "happy heen". It was so much fun to watch her!

It was cool outside and when we were almost done it started sprinkling rain so we went back home. Adalyn wasn't happy about being all done with trick or treating. Then she saw our bowl of candy we had out on our porch and wanted to choose candy out of our bowl. ha! I think the rain scared away the trick or treaters, but Adalyn did wait at the door with us to hand out candy to the few kids that came past.

Of course I had to over document this momentous occasion:)

Cute pumpkin outfits for daycare.
 Adalyn's first house. Our next door neighbor.
 Such a sweet sight.
 I love these kids!
 Our other next door neighbor. By this time Adalyn knew what she was doing and wasn't afraid to walk up to Ms. Shawna by herself. She even said bye to her by name. So cute!
 Picking out her candy (or pieces of candy since she kept telling Adalyn to take more). We have awesome neighbors!
 Look at that pouty face. She was not ready to be done. BTW, how handsome is my husband. Seriously. I think he was the only man in our neighborhood out with his kids in GQ attire.
 Sweet boy was full of smiles even after braving the cold and rain. He was snug as a pea in a pod:)
My sweet owl.

 Watching for kids. Not many came. Poor Coda. I think he wanted one of his (four) costumes on.
 Adalyn was giving Coda love. 
 So Coda gave her some love back. Melt.
 Precious little greeter.
 Happy Halloween!


Aishlea and Brandon said...

Love these pics!! :)

Sue said...

Adorable costumes on your adorable kiddos ;-) Looks like a fun night was had by all ;-)