Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sibling Love

I'm still here! Today marks Cayden's 12 weeks! Where did that time go? I have no clue when he went from looking like a newborn to looking like an infant!! Life is hectic and the last thing that I've thought about is blogging. I have multiple weeks worth of pictures to write about but no time to do it. Such is life now that I'm working full time during the day and mothering 2 kids under 2! I'm absolutely blessed to work in an amazing environment with awesome coworkers who have really helped my transition back to work. Cayden has been a wonderful baby for our sitter.  She's said he's a perfect baby and that warms my heart.  I love that Adalyn and Cayden are together during the day. Our sitter tells me what a sweet sister she is to him. Love it.

Here are some brother/sister pictures from the past couple weeks.

When Cayden's under his jungle gym Adalyn likes to name all the animals hanging above him, bring him toys, lay one of her babies next to him, or lay with him herself. I love hearing her talk to him. so sweet.
Decked out in UK gear one Saturday. She is so loving and caring towards him.

When I take Cayden's weekly/monthly pictures Adalyn always walks in and lays next to him and wants to be in the picture. You'd never know because she will never smile for the picture. (Coda likes to photobomb too.)
(10 Weeks)
(11 Weeks)
Poor Adalyn had 2 scratches and a bruise on her face. She's a girly girl and likes her bows and babydolls, but she's a tough girl. :)
She wanted to hold brother which is a bit difficult without a big chair/couch to lay him on so this is the best we could do. She's so gentle and loving.

Looking at these pictures reminds me just how blessed I am. I love these two babies so so much!


Crystal said...

Precious babies! A looks so grown up and I love her last outfit!

Janine said...

Cayden is getting SO BIG!!!!