Wednesday, June 15, 2011

7 Months!!

Last Thursday Adalyn turned 7 months old! We did pictures on Sunday evening after playing in her pool and having a bath so Adalyn was a bit tired. (read: cranky) She wasn't very smiley so I kept having to sing a phrase of a children's song that makes her laugh in order to get her to smile.  The pictures turned out pretty funny.
Sweet baby!
 I have such a hard life!
 Stop taking my picture, mom!! I'm getting mad!
 {Giggle giggle} Oh, that's a funny song mom! I like it!
 I'm so over this!

 2 seconds later...
OOOh! I love that song. Let me try to sing it too!

 We tried a new pose since she's a "sitter" now. How is my baby so old. ::sniff sniff::
 Let me at this thing, mom. I want to play with it!
 Waiting for mommy to put props away. When this picture is blown up, you can see her teeth!!

She's such a big girl!! Last Wednesday we were home from daycare and work because Adalyn had pink eye. Poor thing.  Since we had to go to the doctor she got weighed and is now 15.5 lbs! She was a little champ with the eye drops. She got so good that she wouldn't even cry when we would put them in.  Her eyes are all better now! (And hopefully that junk will stay far away from our house!)

Adalyn's two teeth have come through and are very visible now. And she continues to chew on everything so she is definitely still teething. And drooling!

Her new skill this month is that she can sit up without assistance for long periods of time. She just plays away. It is so sweet.  Every once in a while she either gets tired or reaches too far for a toy and slowly tips on over. I can't believe we don't even need the boppy around her for her to sit. 

She rolls over when she feels like it but it's not anything that is consistent.  If she sees something on the floor that she wants, she will somehow get to it but not usually by rolling. But she can if she has to.  Mostly she just hangs out in the general area that we sit or lay her.

She is in size 3 diapers and her clothes are 6-9 or 6-12 month clothes depending on the brand.  A few of her outfits are still too big because she is so skinny but overall we're set on clothes. (Summer clothes are just so much fun to dress her up in! I love all the sundresses.) Her onesies are still 3-6 months.

The foods that Adalyn has tried are: oatmeal, rice, sweet potatoes, squash, peas, pears, apples, peaches, bananas, avocado and green beans.  She has been a good little eater until we got to avocados and green beans.  Oh the gagging and spitting. It was bad. I'm going to try both again but am a little scared. She loves all of the other foods so I'm looking through my Baby food cookbook for some new fruits and veggies to try!  My Craig's List Beaba (baby food maker) has been awesome and so far we've had a great experience with homemade baby food. I'll have to do a post about it next time I have a day of baby food making.

Adalyn has now moved up to a convertible car seat (which I already posted about)! She's a big girl!! I love not carrying her around in the infant carrier. But now it just seems like she is too old too fast. But the infant carrier seat is now "permanently" (as in not using it as a carrier) in Jonathan's car until she's 30 lbs so we can still see her in her baby seat.

Adalyn babbles all the time! She is constantly saying ra-ra-ra or da-da-da or ma-ma-ma or ie-ie-ie. I'm convinced that she is calls Dakota bra-ra (brother). I know I'm crazy and she isn't but it has been such a coincidence that we've laughed about it. She's always moving her little lips and mouth when we talk to her like she's trying to figure it out.  She loves to squeal all the time and hear herself make noise. I just know that she will never stop talking once she starts!

We are continually blessed with our sweet baby girl and so thankful to have the gift of being her parents.  I keep not wanting her to grow older but each stage we reach is my absolute favorite!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I love that precious baby. What a dolly!! She is as cute when crying as laughing. Just darling. GrandmaNan