Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Weigh In

I have good news and good news! Yay!  First I'll start with my weigh in this morning. As I said last week, since I couldn't exercise I wasn't hoping for a loss, but just hoping that I could maintain without gaining anything. And I stayed well under my calorie allotment each day. (It was hard to do without my extra exercise allotment!)

You all. I lost 3.4 lbs this past week! WHA?? I kind of couldn't believe it. Maybe my body needed a rest week. Maybe my body was getting used to my running. I have no clue. But I will take it! That brings my total loss since May 1st to:

33.6 lbs!

I now have 3 lbs left to reach my goal! (You know once I hit my original goal, I'm going to tack on another 5 right? Cuz I will.) I'm so stinkin excited about that! I have yet to get out and buy any size 8 jeans/shorts so I'm still rocking some jeans/shorts with horrible baggy-butts.  Stacey & Clinton would have a heyday with my jeans in their 360 degree mirror. I really need a denim sale at Loft to happen soon. Hopefully I can run out this weekend and at least get one pair of pants that fit so that I can look half decent and not like I just rolled out of bed and threw on some old fat jeans. Ha! (It is a good problem to have!)  I've also been able to "shop" in my old shirts a lot more!

My other piece of good news is that I went to my doctor today for the follow up on my dislocated toe. They unwrapped it and sucker is bruised but it wasn't swollen at all and he felt comfortable using one strip of tape to keep it reinforced and told me that although I cannot run in the 5k tomorrow, I can start jogging slowly and can possibly race in the 5k next weekend! Right now it's still painful and feels very bruised and I have yet to try to put a shoe on it, but I'm excited to try! I'm hoping that the pain will be minimal so I can pound (gently) the pavement! My doctor said he's never had a dislocated toe on a runner so this was a new thing for him. He said that I need to listen to my body and if it starts to get painful that I'll need to possibly go back to using the boot to keep my toe immobile.

Needless to say, I'm pretty excited that I got such a great report today! Here's hoping that when I'm "listening to my body" it says that it likes running and not that it wants me to stop. :)

THREE pounds to go, friends!!


Aishlea said...

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!
Awesome lady!

Lindsy said...

yay! Great job.