Monday, September 23, 2013

Superhero 5K

This past weekend our family ran in the CASA Superhero 5k. Of course it was raining on our drive to the race but thankfully the rain let up for the race itself. It picked back up as we were waiting after the race for the results and awards which was a bummer because they had a whole festival for kids afterwards with blow ups and face painting. (We didn't power through the rain to do either activity.)

We've never run in this race before but we saw the pictures from last year and it looked so fun. I would say 90% of the adults and kids at this race are dressed up in some way or another. Some are in full costumes! So it's especially fun for the kids to see all the fun costumes:) Jonathan had a vision of our family dressing up together and decided we should all dress up with a batman theme. He wanted to do that theme so that he could be pushing the "bat mobile". So he went out to Hobby Lobby (by himself!) and bought fabric and flannel and worked on matching capes. He ended up not decking out the stroller as the bat mobile but I think our outfits were still awesome anyway!

Before the race, we were walking up and the Run the Bluegrass coordinator saw us and took this picture.

Finishing the race. This photo was from the finish line photographer. I know I'm biased but I think my hubby looks pretty buff and pretty hot in this picture pushing my babies!
Here I am headed to the finish line. (You don't want to see my finish line photo! Not pretty!)
 I finished in 32 minutes which I was very happy with since my toe isn't normal yet and my ipod ran out of batteries. (Running without music stinks!!)
After the race!
 Adalyn's shirt had the cape attached with velcro. Jonathan did an awesome job matching our capes to hers!
Adalyn was thrilled to see the Chick-fil-a cow. She had to give him some kisses!
 I was so grateful that one of my friends let us borrow her rain cover. I'm glad we didn't need to use it during the race but it was nice to have it after the race to ward of the wind and rain. (See Batman and Joker in the background? They had awesome costumes!)
Throughout the race course there were action figures and stuffed animals and each runner was allowed to pick up one item and carry it to the finish line. After the race we could turn our item in for a prize. (Each item was numbered.) Jonathan's action figure won him a free Smashburger coupon. Mine won a free Raising Cane's dinner and a free bag of coffee from Starbucks! Score! Jonathan also brought us home an award! Even with pushing the stroller he came in 3rd in his age group and brought home a new Tervis tumbler! He's a rock star! 

We had a fun time running this race and will do it again next year! Hopefully we'll get some sunshine next year:)


Murdock's mama said...

Super cute! You are looking fabulous Abby! So happy for you!! :)

Party of Five said...

How cool is that!?! Great job!

Lindsy said...

Kudos to J for the capes - super awesome. Even more awesome: that he placed 3rd pushing two babies. I just want to keep it real with you though friend: if you get as obsessed with this whole running thing as your hubs has, I don't know if I can take y'all ;)))