Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Saturday Fun Day

This past Saturday we had a jam-packed fun day planned. First up was the Run for the Refuge which is a 5K that I have run for the past 3 years. It's for a non-profit organization that we like to support. My MUMS group (like a mops group) supports the Refuge for Women also so each year we try to get as many MUMS girls out to the race as possible. Of course I had already registered for the race before I hurt my toe. I was able to give my race bib to a friend so she could use it in my place.  The race is a small race but it's fun because I enjoy the route and even though it's not sponsored by our church there are tons of our church friends that are there.

I was so bummed that I didn't get to run this year but I still went to cheer for Jonathan and my friends. After I got over feeling sorry for myself as everyone left running and I had to stay behind, I realized that it was kinda cool that I got to be waiting at the finish line. Usually Jonathan is so far ahead of me in races that I never get to see him running. I was able to get some awesome pictures of him running and was able to cheer for him!

Before the race with the kids. The weather was actually cool (hence the jackets/hat) and it was a perfect day for a race. Poor Cayden. His hat was too big for his tiny little head. But he still looked adorable:)

 Coming around the parking lot. He was right behind the pace car scooter.
 In the lead!! (His competition for the entire race was the guy in the blue shirt and yellow shoes.)

 Running down the home stretch!
 Running across the finish line! He came in second! Look at that clock! 19:00 (but his official time was 18:57) Before this race his personal record for 5k was a sub-20 and now he has a sub-19! I am so proud of him. He also brought me home a prize! He got a gift card for one of the local restaurants in town! Date night here we come!
 Obligatory after picture - still panting.
 My boys. Twinkies.
My boy looked so cute in his little man fall outfit. He's getting so old!

After going home so Jonathan could get cleaned up, we got back in the car and headed to our favorite apple orchard. They were having an Apple Festival and we thought it would be fun to spend a few hours out there. They had vendors set up and I found a vendor selling awesome jewelry! Jonathan let me get one of the necklaces and I honestly almost stopped back at her booth on my way back out to the car. Ha! I have since started following her facebook and etsy sites. Ha!

But there was more to do than shop the vendors. Adalyn thoroughly enjoyed the ENORMOUS play area. It feels like they doubled the size of it this year!
 She was all about the pink tractor. 

 She loved this black slide. It was fun because the bottom of the slide rested on the ground and then the white part on the ground was slick so she'd keep sliding.

 This was the big slide on the other side. We weren't going to see if Adalyn wanted to go on it but at one point she decided she wanted to go with her daddy.
 They got to the top of the slide and she decided she wanted to go down by herself without her daddy. Of course I couldn't hear so I thought J was just sending her down by herself to so I started freaking out a bit. Nope. Just Miss Independent wanting to be a big kid. I figured after she went one time with Jonathan she'd go by herself. I had no clue she'd do it the first time on her own.

We got a few pictures with papa and nana.

 Naptime! Headed home and Adalyn was not thrilled. (She wouldn't take her bracelet off from the play area for two days. I think she was hoping we'd take her back!) :)

That evening Jonathan and I left the kids with my parents and went out to dinner and a movie - a very rare treat! I honestly can't remember the last time we went to see a movie. I wore my new necklace that I bought at the festival and I was super excited to wear one of my pre-Adalyn shirts that I used to wear on date nights! And how cute does my man look in that cute plaid shirt!!?
 We had to get this picture to show how cute Adalyn was. She seriously thought she was in the picture my dad was taking of us so she was standing there smiling. So cute! She told me she would miss me while we were on our date but that she would have fun with papa and nana.

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Lindsy said...

Way to kill it Jonathan. Good ole Boyd's - always a fun time.
Glad y'all got a date night. What movie did you see? I feel like whenever we go to the movies anymore, I'm all "what is that one and oooohh I've never heard of that one!" I feel old. =)