Monday, September 9, 2013

Friday Weigh In...On a Monday

I'm home with a sick baby girl this afternoon and while she peacefully sleeps I decided I should write a blog post. I haven't shared a weigh in for a few weeks so here I am.  It's been slow going the past couple weeks.

My last post was August 16th and I had lost a total of 27.8 lbs
August 23 - down 1.2 lbs
August 30 - down 1.2 lbs
September 6 - no loss
Total weight loss since May 1st - 30.2 lbs

What is pretty cool is that I lost the 30.2 lbs by the last day of August, which means it took me exactly 4 months to lose 30 lbs (since I started my weight loss the first of May. Pretty awesome. I have 6.4 lbs to lose to reach my goal. I feel like I can almost taste victory!

Last Thursday (September 5th), I put in a good hard 3.4 mile run. I was really focused on pace and was thrilled that I had a 10'18"/mi pace, which means that I'm getting stronger and faster. After getting three runs in that week, I weighed in on Friday and was pretty disappointed to see the scale not move. But I figured I'd just work harder the next week and get a good long run in that next day (Saturday).

If you follow me on twitter or facebook, you've already heard this story. On Friday Jonathan had an early meeting so I had to drop the kids off at the sitter's house. As I stepped up on the first step going up to her front door I tripped and as I was falling forward, I twisted around so I wouldn't fall on top of Cayden (who was in my arms). Just call me graceful. Embarrassing. As I tried to stand back up, I looked down and the very top section of my big toe was completely sideways and I knew something was wrong. The sitter heard the commotion and came out and took both kids who were crying (Cayden but thankfully he didn't even get a scratch on him) and worried (Adalyn) inside. I knew Jonathan was in an important meeting so I called a coworker to come pick me up. By the time she showed up, all the other parents were dropping off. One of my friend's husbands offered to help me back out to the car after he dropped his son off. Another guy dressed in scrubs (who I happened to go to college with) stopped with his son in his arms and asked if I'd like him to assess it. He did and said I needed to get in for xrays to make sure a hadn't fractured the growth plate or damaged the joint.

My coworker took me for xrays at Urgent Treatment and I found that it was dislocated with a fracture and I needed to go to an orthopedist to have it set. Jonathan was able to meet me at Urgent Treatment so my coworker could get back to work and he took me home to get some pain meds (UT didn't give me meds or ice!!) and then back out for my ortho appointment. The wait time was insane, but the doctor was really kind. UT had send my xrays over so he had those pulled up on the computer in the room. It was fun/crazy to see the xray of my mangled toe. (No, I didn't take a pic of my toe - it seriously made me nauseous every time I looked at it.) He put some crazy numbing stuff in my foot and was able to easily reset my toe. Because it went back in so easily he wrapped it up and told me I have to wear a boot on it because he was worried it might slip back out easily. Yes, I did ask him when I could start running again. Seriously. I've already paid for two 5k races the next two weeks! He told me that I can't run in the race this weekend but that there is a chance I can run in the one next weekend. So my fingers are crossed! At this point, I'm still in pain so I can't really imagine putting a shoe on my foot, let alone running.

I have an appointment this Friday and I'm hoping he will give me the green light to start running again! I just didn't want to lose momentum when I'm only 6 lbs away from my goal! This week, since I have to be sedentary, I'm being extremely careful with my calorie intake. When I run, I always have a few hundred extra calories on my running days so I can have a little (low cal) snack in the evenings. Since I don't have those extra running calories, I'm being super careful. I'm not looking for a loss this week. I just don't want to gain anything! I'm pretty bummed to not run in this upcoming race. This is a race that starts in our church's parking lot and it's for a ministry that my MUMS group supports. I've been pushing the girls in my MUMS group to sign up to run and now I can't even do it. I'll be there cheering for my MUMS girls and for Jonathan tho!

Six pounds should only take me about 3 weeks to lose according to my regular average loss, but I'm not going to get caught up in the details since there isn't much I can do for this current week anyway. Hopefully I will have a more positive update soon!


Aishlea said...

OH NO!!! I'm so sorry....that really stinks! I hope your toe is all healed up! You are doing so awesome on your weight loss plan and running. :) I hope I have a great success story like this in a few months...or a year... ha!!

Lindsy said...

Great job Abby! I'm sure you'll do awesome watching you're calorie intake because you've been so disciplined thus far (thats where I fail, I've got the exercise down part!). I'm right on your heels but you're beating me in the loss - happy for you!